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What to Do With All Those PLR Articles You've Bought!

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Posted 13th September 2015 at 04:13 AM by trevord92

If you're like most internet marketers, you've bought a bunch of PLR articles over the time you've been involved in the business. The idea is attractive: ready written articles on near enough any topic under the sun that you can use with little or no restriction. The problem comes soon after you've bought a pack of articles.

The most likely scenario is that they reside, probably still zipped, in a folder somewhere on your hard drive. Waiting for you to use them.

Next most likely is that you use one or two out of the pack and resolve to go back to the rest later. And that's later in the teenager meaning of the word - sometime later in life, maybe.

Of course, putting a PLR article on your website is the easiest way of using them and if it's a popular pack, you'll be competing with hundreds or even thousands of identical articles.

Which brings us on to the first suggestion:

If you absolutely must use the article on a site you own, you need to do one of two things. At a minimum, add an introductory paragraph and an extra paragraph at the end. Each a few sentences long. That may help you differentiate the article but it's still a long shot, especially if the article has already been used in lots of places on the web.

Preferably you should re-write the article in your own words. Which isn't the same as spinning it with an automatic - and usually gibberish - software program.

Instead, you should take the article as a first draft and fully re-write it. Putting your own inflections and idiosyncrasies into it. Which if it was me would mean short sentences, short paragraphs and liberal use of hyphens and other punctuation. Not to mention abbreviations and changing the persona of the article from using "one" to "you".

And chances are that you still wouldn't get past the anti-plaigiarism checks run by article sites like EzineArticles.

But both of those methods are still competing with lots of other sites.

I think it's better to change the medium of the article from text to something else.

If I ever get round to using the hundreds (maybe thousands) of PLR articles I've purchased over the years, I'll turn them into videos.

Copy the text of the article into a word processor.

Run a spell and grammar check - that could shock you but you still need to do it.

Ideally, skim the article and correct any obvious blunders. Like the one I read which claimed The Louvre Museum (home of the Mona Lisa) was somewhere in Germany rather than in Paris.

Then format the article nicely - I like to do this with a pleasant font and page breaks every few (short) paragraphs so that it looks like a PowerPoint slide show. Or more recently I've been using the Impress module of LibreOffice.

Once you've done that, open up a screen capture program like Screencast-o-matic and read the article out loud, pausing whilst you change the screen if you're using Word or just clicking the next frame, out of shot, if you're using a presentation package, when you've finished reading that section of the article.

That sounds scary at first - most people don't like the sound of their own voice - but is much better than having a boring slide show with even more boring background music. Or a robotic voice kind-of reading the article.

Once you've uploaded the video of your PLR article and YouTube has processed it, add the original article into the captions.

And while you're waiting for the video to process, add a short description to the video. But don't use the original article for this.

Sure, all this will take longer than copying and pasting the article un-read into your blog.

But the extra effort is worth it.

You will stand out from the competition and have added value to the PLR article that wouldn't be there if you took the lazy option.

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