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The obscure, tedious, and often misunderstood writings by a little known man and his attempt to start an Internet Marketing business with his brother.

The motto of this blog is the same as the motto used by Voice of America in World War II:
The news may be good or bad for us (but) we will always tell you the truth.
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The Pre-Challenge 2012

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Posted 5th October 2012 at 04:16 PM by xatsmann

This is my first entry of what will be my continuing series of my attempts to use Ed Dale's 30 day challenge. You can join by clicking on the link.

I downloaded and read The Challenge Manefesto. I went through most, but not all, of the hyperlinks in it. (The few I didn't go through I didn't need--for example, the browser of choice that is recommended is Google Chrome. I already have that installed on my machine so I didn't need to do that.) It took me about 3 hours to go through the all the links (but a half hour was wasted on removing the unstable DivX web viewer so I could see the videos so your time should be less than 3 hours) in the manifesto and to get all the extensions for chrome and to watch all the other videos.

The only issue I found is that if you click on Ed Dale's twitter shortcut you get the internet shrug of the shoulders, e.g. it gives you a 404 page not found error. However if you go into twitter and manually type in EdDale you can easily find his twitter account to follow him.

My one gripe about the video format is that, while they do put all the URLs, the site addresses, up on the screen for you so you can't miss them since it is a video you can't do "copy and paste" to put them in chrome's address bar. You have to manually do that, you could download the PDF of the video I suppose but I found it easier to just manually type in the addresses.

All the videos come in four formats, HD, SD for tablets, IP for iphone format, and PDF if you are more comfortable reading rather than watching the video. It is recommended you not try and watch HD online as it gets choppy--I agree, I have laptop that is relatively fast with i7 processor and a high speed cable connection and I have that issue all the time when I try and watch HD videos online.

I haven't joined a group yet but I will explore the challenge forums and may join a group yet. The videos also go into setting up a local meetup using Google Earth to find a local place like a library or restaurant if you want to set up a time and place to try and meet up locals to do the challenge with. However, you really don't need to meet with anyone locally as there are several tools like Google groups and Skype which are free and explained in the videos so that you can collaborate with out regard to distance. I see the biggest issue with long distance groups as being time if you want to meet live due to timezone difference, e.g. its 7 pm EST is midnight in London or 3 pm in Los Angles.

I do agree with the one of the gurus who says that you shouldn't have a group of over six members as it will become unwieldy and difficult to manage and exchange information with the entire group if the group is too large.

Installing the Chrome extensions is very easy so you shouldn't have much trouble with that, but I'll try and get my brother the computer novice to do it and I'll let you know his results. Installing Market Samuri (and Adobe Air which it needs to run) was also very smooth as well.

I did fine Ed's video on the "Magnificent Symphony of 4 parts" to be the most useful. Ed breaks down Internet Marketing into four parts:
  1. Market Research
  2. Traffic
  3. Converstions
  4. Product

In a nutshell, according to Ed, you do market research to reduce risk and determine if a market truly exists for your product. If there is a market, you set up a website and generate views of the site (traffic). You convert a small percentage of those views to sales (conversions.) Product is what you are selling on the website.

Tomorrow I will start with Day One of the Challenge and let you know how I make out.
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