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Is there a service where they verify an email before allowing the subscriber to be subscribed to your list? I've seen certain CPL pages setup like this, wondering how they do it, because running into problems with fake emails & spamtraps
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    Do a google search for: email verification api

    There are many that exist, you will just need to integrate your form with it.

    Pretty much all check by making an smtp connection to the domain and seeing if they will accept mail for the username. However, yahoo will always accept, because their smtp works differently, so you will get false positives.

    There is another way to verify yahoo, so be sure to check if they can accurately verify or not. However, even using the alternate method, you can still get some possible false positives, as they tend to not immediately discard a user that use to exist, but now doesn't and will hold the address for several months. However, it beats no verification at all.

    The only true way to know for sure if a yahoo address is a bounce or not, is to send a message and see if it bounces.
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      I don't know much at all about the coding aspect, would API code be something I could add on my own?
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        Originally Posted by PhillyIMBlog View Post

        I don't know much at all about the coding aspect, would API code be something I could add on my own?
        You could probably get someone from upwork to do it for cheap.

        When the user clicks submit, it connects to the company that is doing the verification and checks the address and returns the result. If the address is good, then you process the address as you normally would, If bad, then you have to decide if you just want to not process or return a message that the address is bad and to correct it.
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    It is a confirmation module and it is used to send e-mail to different users who have submitted their web form for verification by taking email id from web form.

    By clicking on the available confirmation link in email, users can confirm that she/he is not a spammer. It will surely work for both anonymous and authenticated users. Along this, administrator will also be able to keep a track on users who have already confirmed their submissions.

    You will also be provided with an option to disable the confirmation link in your mail. There are three requirements for it which are views, web forms, and email field requirement.

    For installation, you need to download the module and then place it with other contributed modules for example, sites/all/modules. Now enable the web form confirmation module on the module list page. Modify permissions on the admin/people/permission page.

    Now, you need to visit admin/config/web form-confirmation and then select the web form. Now go to admin/config/web form-confirmation/template and fill essential information needed. Web form verification is one of the best way to verify email. Goal of web form validation is to specifically ensure that the user provided properly formatted and necessary information for successfully completing an operation.
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      Originally Posted by emailable View Post

      Hey there, like Diablo said there are email verification API out there. If you just want something simple you can embed in your existing landing pages I'm happy to chat more if you want to send a private message.
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    Those should put an end to invalid or bot submits.
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    You can use mailtester.com. It's free.
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    You can use a real-time verification for your website, which will not only get rid of fake submissions but also you will prevent people from mistyping their addresses. There are plenty of providers like neverbounce, kickbox or usebouncer. Just check pricing and how they can support you with the implementation.
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