10 Useful Tools Every Writer Should Have - Best Essential Apps!

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Calling all writers, lurkers, and soon to be gurus!.

In my latest featured article, I've listed 10 Useful Tools Every Writer Should Have. During my research, I've seen great applications that are available for macOS only and there are also some that are available for Windows OS only. So I searched for more applications that are available for both OS and some that have mobile apps as well.

Here's the link to my article: 10 Useful Tools Every Writer Should Have - Best Essential Apps!

What's your top pick from the list? What would you recommend to other forum members and our aspiring writers out there?

On what application are you willing to shell out some funds? I would definitely save some for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but I'll have to try the old version for starters.

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    My favorite writing tool is Grammarly.
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    Good information
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    Thank you so much for including ProWritingAid!
    If anyone has any questions about it, just let me know.

    Lisa Lepki
    Editor of the ProWritingAid Blog
    lisa [at] prowritingaid.com
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    Thanks so much for this topic
    Copyscape is may fav
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    Thanks for the awesome list. I got few new tools to boost up my writing.
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    Nowaday Grammarly is most popular tools for content writers.
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    Dragon Naturally Speaking is awesome for writers. Lets you think freely and dictate without breaking the flow of thought which is so important for brainstorming and getting a rough draft on paper.
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    I once accidentally found how one can trick CopyScape as I've been using this tool (paid account) to check the quality of some outsource copywriters I was dealing with by that time. Google books are images and no search engine see them as texts (except for tags, but the content isn't indexing) so one clever fella I was paying for "authentic" articles used like 80% from this source. He'd blatantly OCR-ed pages of some books and put them in his articles (historical topic). Well, that tricked CopyScape, but not me
    As for the tools for SEO writers, I'd ditched the majority of them and just focus on WRITING something useful.
    It kinda sucks if a copywriter needs grammar tools.
    The only tool I find useful for your text is Grouping and Text Analysis tool (it's a part of a paid all-in-one SEO combiner Serpstat). It compiles a useful list of keywords for your article's Titless, Description and Body texts.
    It also shows which keywords similar articles use for ranking in the top of the organic search, plus checks density and word count.
    If you need a tool for a spell check, go to elementary school.
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      Thank you for your input and I definitely understand your point.

      I also believe that great content will attract more audience, so we really just need to focus on writing. However, Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and the like, have other features that can help improve a person's grammar, writing style, or vocabulary. People use them not just for spell checking.

      We also can't deny that there are moments when our hands can't keep up with our brains. I'm also guilty of that and it happens to me most of the time. Like when I'm typing my first thoughts then suddenly my mind tells me something better, and I just keep on writing until I forget that I have to remove some lines.

      I also know people, personally, with great minds who are not that good at English, but I can't question their clever minds. Some of them are not even native English speakers. It's the reason why we also have copyeditors and proofreaders, to help check our content especially when we have deadlines. But for beginners that don't have enough funds to hire experts yet, they just rely on Grammar tools.
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        So true, mate.
        Not even our tongues can keep up with our brains
        En plus, writing never falter to render even experienced writers utterly... what's the analogy for tongue-tied here?)) Pen-tied? Key-tied?)
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    I am so happy to see this kind of post and all the details are in this post is awesome and I am really glad to see this post.
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    Article is a king for every blog post,without good unique and professional article you can't get enough traffic for your blog or website,but because of my busy time time i found a Good writer that help me to write quality Article on any topic for my website she is the best writer have been using so far
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    I wanted to download Merriam Webster Dictionary. It took over one hour to be showed download, but finally i was not able to download it.
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    Thanks for sharing the list. Haven't heard about FastPencil before, but glad to know that it can make it easier for me to prepare the books for publishing.
    I've been using Merriam Webster Online and Copyscape. In fact, I had some issues with plagiarism checkers (TurnItIn, in particular), but now I use only Copyscape. For formatting (MLA, APA, etc.), I use Reference Generator on Essay.tools and Citation Machine. Perhaps, you know some other great tools for creating easy reference lists?
    Kim Wells-Ball
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  • Profile picture of the author Honey Bunny SEO
    It might be slightly off topics, so sorry in advance.
    Still, SEO I find Text Analysis and Keyword Clustering tools indispensable. Some like, for example in Serpstat, has even in-built grammar check. It shows your wordcount in terms of SEO and suggest the best words to use in titles and body.
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