Developing your Personal Brand on Social Media

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Developing your personal brand on social media

It's like a broken record, but we all know that social media is a very important tool for marketers and professionals to develop and grow their personal brands. And developing a strong personal brand goes a long way to establishing key relationships between your clients.

Have at least two to three social media accounts
There are like, five or six major social media platforms to sign up for - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. And then there's LinkedIn, which is also considered as social media but is niched to professionals. Sign up for at least three of these, starting with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I'm placing particular emphasis on LinkedIn because it allows you to network to a lot of key professionals - managers, supervisors, CEOs.

Be active on social media
And now that you've signed up, what do you do? Share. Like. Upload content. Having an active social media presence ensures that you'll always be visible to your audience, and will always be on top of your networks' news feeds.

Advocate your brand or company
Show genuine interest in your organization's content, as this is essential in building your personal brand, and lets your network know what you're doing and brings attention to your business.

Create original content
Take the time to research the internet for your interests, and write something about them. Take it to the next level with written, video, or audio content. You can start a YouTube channel, or launch a Spotify podcast.

Engage your network
Don't just share content for the sake of sharing - you also have to engage with anyone who comments on your post, and anyone who sends you a message. This boosts familiarity among your networks, and also gives them a feeling that someone responds to them quickly.
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    Personal branding on social media is becoming more and more important due to the multitude of benefits that it brings to one's business and professional goals.
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      exactly, without this i dont think any newbies can survive.
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    Stellar post. Thanks for the well-written article. I'm on Facebook and LinkedIn but will eventually add Twitter as suggested!
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    This article sounds very wonderful as it reminding me of some of the things we suppose to be doing almost on daily basis with our social media accounts but we failing, thank you for reminding us on what to be doing.
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    I appreciated this information as it is all new to me. The one thing I am finding with being on social media is it is very time-consuming. But I will keep posting on Pinterest, Quora, and others for a year and hopefully see some more traffic.
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    I'm so pleased that you wrote this article as I was a little confused about sharing my content on social platforms. I thought you couldn't put a link to your content on Facebook?

    Is it best to create something similar to a Pinterest pin to place on my feed with a link to the article?

    Thanks for helping, Lily
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    Great post Lily, covered some very valid points there.

    Read the reviews on list building & blog promotion, so you save time & money

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