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Hello to All:
My name is Mike and I am a brand new member, I signed up to get advice on how to create a B2B sales strategy for an internet based service - price configurator/comparison site. Recently, together with a friend of mine we have come up with an idea for the above mentioned internet based business, geared toward general public, people looking to remodel their home/apartment. Our business model is based on creating partnerships with stores & manufacturers of home remodeling goods such as tiles, floors, fixtures and fittings etc. Without going into anymore details I am looking for advice on how to create a B2B sales strategy for our project(therefore advice from anyone who has previous experience in this "department" will be the most useful - I am not looking to reinvent the wheel). Unfortunately my current sales experience was strictly B2C (automobile and mortgage) thus I am a bit lost and looking for that "light in the tunnel" I will very much appreciate feedback from experienced B2B sales professionals and especially managers. Thank you in advance.
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