Your Paypal sales can be lost if.....

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I have seen this for quite sometime now but haven't had the time to put this post together until now.

But each time I go to purchase something online via Paypal and the merchant hasn't customized their header section within Paypal more than 90% of the time I abandon the payment page....especially if I do not know the merchant.

Are you losing Paypal payments because of this?

Here is what I mean...take a look at the screenshot below.

This is actually from a Warrior merchant. The only thing that shows is their email address and its a free gmail account so makes me suspect.

This can be easily rectified by customizing your header page within paypal. Now in this case the merchant could have at least provided a business name or even their name to let people know they have been directed to the correct payment page.

So here's how you customize this and maybe save some of the sales you could be potentially losing.

First off go to "Profile" section within your Paypal account

Then click on "Custom Payment Pages" and from there you will see the add button to add a custom header so you'll just click the "add" button/link. This is the next page that you will see.

From here you can add in a custom header. Just make sure to stick with the dimension sizes listed. I actually took a generic header and customized it in MS powerpoint with our company info and my personal biz picture.

If you would like that generic header pic, then send me a pm.

This section also allows you to change the background color of your payment page to match up with your website if you'd like. I've tested the background color on this and for me Blue converts better.

So once you have saved everything you should have a nice custom Paypal header like below.

Hope this little tip helps you make more online sales!

Happy Marketing

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    kenetra, thanks for the tip!
    "Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book." - Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)

    Warriorforum, nowadays. Times are still bad. Children still don't obey their parents, and everyone is writing an eBook.
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    I agree. We have to come across as professional and displaying a free email address on the PayPal payment page just doesn't come across as such. Even merely changing that free email address to your business name, which is easier to do than uploading an image (and uploading an image is not that hard at all!) is already a major factor that will encourage people to continue with the purchase.
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    • Profile picture of the author Kevin Riley

      First, read PayPal's notice about only using an image on a secure service.
      Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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      • Profile picture of the author kenetra
        @Don you're welcome

        @Kevin yes thank you for pointing that out for me

        Paypal does say:
        Why should I store images on a secure server?

        We recommend that you enter an image URL for your custom page style only if the image is stored on a secure server. If the image is not stored on a secure server, your customer's web browser will display a message that the payment page contains insecure items.
        You can determine whether or not your image is stored on a secure server by examining its URL. The URL for an image on a secure server will begin with https:// instead of http:// (Note the additional s.)

        @DExx thanks for the resource for the Warriors to use
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    Like Kevin said, any images used must be hosted on a SSL server

    Luckily a free solution does exist:
    SSLpic - Free SSL secure image hosting for PayPal.


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  • Profile picture of the author Underground SEO
    good tip there, I always wondered how you could do that! thanks.
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    • Profile picture of the author ozduc
      I agree the gmail account is very unprofessional. It is easy to set up different email accounts in paypal so you could have one like "" and "" etc. and use them for your different niche sales. Then use a different email address for purchases that you make with paypal all within the one account.
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    I disagree with Kenetra, this simply might or might not increase/decrease your sales. It depends on your niche, your header etc. etc.
    I've tested this once and my sales went up when I REMOVED the header customization!
    I got an idea to test after I've gotten an email from somebody saying they're reporting me to Paypal for hijacking their payment page to collect customer's Paypal credentials.
    I've cleared out the misunderstanding with that person but that got me thinking:
    "Hey, if this is the first time that person has seen header customization, perhaps I should test this".
    Obviously, it depends a lot on what your header actually looks like. I think my header was okay enough, but that's just an opinion (headers would need to be tested as well).
    The lesson is: by using a page potential customers were familiar with, resulted in a better conversion rate.
    P.S. It's not in the Internet Marketing or any computer savy user's niche.
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    Thanks for sharing this useful piece of information
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  • Profile picture of the author Deepak Media
    Thanks a lot kenetra
    Digital Marketing Author | Speaker | Consultant

    Read my Blog:

    @ Bangalore, India.
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    • Profile picture of the author kenetra
      @fryerben welcome!

      @ozduc good tip also

      @milan of course in marketing EVERYTHING has to be tested...I would be interested in seeing what your header actually looked 9 out of 10 cases I've shared this with others it's helped their sales, but again each person/niche is different...thx for sharing

      @wirenine welcome!

      @Deepak Media welcome!

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  • Profile picture of the author Matt-Marketing
    Thanks Kenetra,

    Never new you could change your header on paypal
    did your sales go up once you put the header on?

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    • Profile picture of the author Bill Farnham
      Good post, Kenetra.

      Re: Milan's comment about testing...

      It really is critical to test things out like this, especially when dealing with PP.

      Although most people in the IM market take PP for granted and hardly think twice about paying through PP, that may not be the case if your niche is outside IM/MMO or other niches where electronic formats rule.

      Case in point, I have a site that sells physical products, and because a typical order is in the $60 - $200 range we don't ship the products without first talking to the customer on the phone.

      Hence we get a lot of real world feedback from our customers about all kinds of subjects, but the #1 concern invariably relates to having PayPal as one of the options to pay us.

      Now, this could be specific to the niche, I'm not saying this is universal, but it seems many folks have trepidations about PP and are easily spooked by having to use PP when they don't have an account. (Your customers don't need an account to use PP.)

      So you do want to do everything you can to ease their fears about buying over the internet and especially if you have PP as a payment option. There is a lot of lore floating around the web regarding PP, and if you can transfer some of the credibility you have established with your customers over to the PP process you will be doing everyone involved in the transaction a favor.

      This could be by doing what Kenetra suggests, or even what Milan suggests, you just want to test it so you know you are getting the highest chances for conversion.

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  • Profile picture of the author franamico
    Hey, thanks!
    I am using a gmail address for my paypal account.
    I might want to change it.
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  • Profile picture of the author kenetra
    @Matt you're welcome and yes sales did increase with header and even further as I tweaked the header content

    @franamico I would too

    @Bill great value added

    TEST TEST TEST until you're blue in the face
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