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Is anyone getting these errors still? the above thread didnt seem to solve the issue.

I have sent emails to the owner but he doesn't reply, and there is no other support option.
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    I have been getting this error all day: Snoopy: error while fetching document: connection failed (101)

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      Hi All,

      Does anyone have access to current Caffeinated Content discount codes? All the ones I can find have expired. (apologies if slightly off topic)

      Thank you.
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    Has anyone responded to you about the caffeinated content problem. I started a new blog and upgraded an old blog to wordpress 2.7.1 and now I can't get CC to work. It says I don't have a licence, so I fill in my key and it says I am great; then I go back to run CC and it again says I don't have a license. I can't get ouf of this loop.
    And I have reported it to CC and get no response at all. Not to crazy about the lack of Caffeinated Content Support - very frustrated now.
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      I was considering giving this a try. Now will wait and see. The lack of support is troubling.
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    Support is non existent, I've sent several emails and never had a reply.

    3.37 has problems for me so I went back to 3.35 which has less features, but at least it works.

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    I would be choked to pay for this plugin and not receive any support at all. Like, really choked. Especially since I have a free auto blog plugin and get great support from the author.

    I would definitely fire off a "get your #$% together" email to the plugin author about now, and warn him that you have quite a platform for slamming his product here on WF, should he/she continue ignoring you.
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      I had this problem too..just copied across CaffeinatedContent.php from 3.35 to server for now.
      Works and keeps reg info...for now.
      He usually has been xrlant.....had a friend who was supposed to reply to me...i waited a week and his wife finally caught up and said he broke his ankle jumping across a funny but it makes you realise that sometimes theres a reason for sure he'll come through soon,
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    What really needs to happen is proxy support. I mean he released 3.37 how long ago? And it's still extremely buggy. I know he doesn't get money from people who already purchased it, but you still have to keep your customers happy. Or at least give them a working product lol
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      I wanted to order the CC scheduler that a warrior member was selling - it sounded great. But now I can't use it since CC won't work. When it worked, it was great. Now it is useless, and I am frustrated since I get no response back when I contact support or send emails.
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    I've purchased caffeinated content only 2 weeks ago, so I've got their latest version which only works for articles. Where can I get an earlier version?
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    I purchased Caff Content a couple months ago, used it quite a bit, but then got tangled up in school and could not do much IM work at all.

    Troubling to hear of these problems now, especially since I am planning on hitting things hard now.
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    We can help you resolve any setup or other issues. PM me here or mail us.

    We are a reseller of CC licenses. Pls checkout Caffeinated Content Instant Content for Your WordPress Blog..In minutes. Our price is $57 with 4 bonus plugins absolutely free.

    We do sell the license and also send the CC version which has no issues. We dont send the latest version though as there are known issues with it. Our version is a little bit older version (from itself) but works perfect with no issues.

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    That's good t know. What does one do with cc? Just upload it to a blog plugin
    area of wordpress? Mines 3.7 and I just bought this minute. So does that mean Im stuck only with articles? It's kind of con-fusing.

    I feel like trying to get a refund. Perhaps I can get some help from you Danjoe.
    There's no help file or user doc. on this one.

    Aaah not more $ down the drain. Hopefully it'll be ok
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