Succeeded with some sales but failed with my LIST..

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In a nutshell:

I have my own product and have made sales. I have an opt-in and people mainly purchase my product after subscribing and receiving a free guide initially.

I have 1200 on my list and I have emailed them a few times but I have completely lost my way with this as all I have concentrated on is getting traffic to my site. When I have emailed my list any offers in the past it has resulted in nothing.

I want to start providing some good info about my niche to my list and I also want to start making offers to my list for other products.

Can anyone offer me any help as to how I can start building a relationship with my list. If there are any products available to help me I would also consider. It feels so weird - on one hand I feel happy I have made sales, on the other side I feel like I have completely failed. I have a decent list and haven't done very much What I have done with my list last year clearly hasn't worked and that involved emailing approx once a week.

Would appreciate any help. If anyone can give any info as to the way they send out emails like frequencies of info/offers etc, I would be grateful.

Thank you!
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    Originally Posted by Moneyland View Post

    people mainly purchase my product after subscribing and receiving a free guide initially.
    So ... you certainly haven't completely "failed with your list"?

    And you already know that people mostly buy after subscribing and being on a list.

    I can offer you a couple of good threads to read. (Not much, but it might just give you a little nudge in the right direction?).
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    Don't look at it as failure look at it as education

    One of the things I do to keep a good responsive list is send my subscribers back to my blog on a regular basis for free content

    If no one is buying based on your recommendations it's for one of 3 reasons or a combination of 2 or all of them

    1. They don't trust your recommendations enough
    2. The offers you send are not relevant
    3. The offers you send have very low conversion rates

    It's always one of these so have a think which one it might be

    My blog helps to build trust and I know exactly what my list are interested in

    List building does take time to learn because you will often spend a lot of time making mistakes before you see good results, this is just the name of the game

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    First off, you need to gain the trust of your list through education. Once they perceive you as an expert, they will be ready to open their wallets as well.

    I do not where you leads came from, but the respomsiveness of a list depends on the source of traffic that you used to get those leads.
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      Moneyland - you have your own answer there!

      They bought your mousetrap: build a better mousetrap!

      In other words, they liked your first product so build another one as the upsell to that.

      In the meantime, keep emailing them once a week with good information. And it's a good idea to write a great and useful blog post once a week, then bring them to your blog from the email you send out to read it. If you can monetise around the edges that is good too. But the point is, if you are not hitting them with offers left right and centre your unsubscribe rate from your list will be very low.

      I know the "gurus" will tell you people are most responsive when they first get on your list. But that's probably mainly cos they hit them with sh*tty offers!

      Anyway, soon you will have your second product to offer them.

      A great tutorial for making info product fast is Jason Fladlien's 48 Hour Report - you might find it helpful.



      You WILL banish # Procrastination, # Email bloat, # Wasting time, # Wasting money
      Getting Things Done PLUS Evernote turned my life around - read here how I do it
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    well do you just send them offers or do you send them valuable and helpful content regularly?

    You cant just keep sending a list nothing but offer or you will lose your list. Make sure to survey them regularly and find out what they need help with the most, then create a piece of content that actually helps them, no strings attached, it is ok to invite them to check out an offer at the end, but yo uhave to give, give and give some more.
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    I don't know if more free stuff is the answer... One of the most re-occurring themes I've seen concerning list building is that people often build a list of freeloaders.

    Meaning that people build a sizable list, but all they want is free product, nothing paid for. If you release more and more free product, you might find yourself selling nothing but free product.

    Try analyzing your plan and size it up against what has been said here, especially Alexa Smith (I hear great things), and so far what I've read from her has been living up to the expectation
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    Everything's already been covered.

    Don't mail affiliate link after affiliate link, and offer after offer.

    Give them VALUE.

    I like what one gentleman said; post some GREAT content on your blog and then promote that.

    Create some webinars, then promote that.

    Create a Skype chat, then promote that.

    Find some awesome content on another site, then promote that.

    If you promote affiliate link after affiliate link, they'll get the picture; fast.

    Ask them what they want; then provide solutions.

    Pretend that your BEST FRIENDS are on the list; your FAMILY MEMBERS; would you spam the hell out of them? Or try to help them?

    Food for thought
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    Firstly ,well done, your own product, making sales, and the beginning of list, Kudos to you !!!!, I think you should be sending links back to your blog where you need to be posting quality, informative content, that help your subscribers with issues you have had in the past on overcome them. Tip......make your a/r sequence 80% content, 20% pitching. that way they will (if you post good stuff) happily and eagerly open your emails, if you pitch all the time, they will more likely unsubscribe

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    You should send out a survey to your list so you can get feedback about what they want to learn about. Once you understand what they are interested in, start providing them with free information about the subject. Next, create an ebook or a video course that is related to that information and sell it to them. It's important to understand what your list actually wants to learn so you can promote the correct products that will give you the highest chance of making sales.
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    Originally Posted by Alyona The Publicist View Post

    I think you answered your own question by stating:

    That in fact is the best way to engage with your list, provide good information and solid products not just promote the first affiliate product that you get your hands on! - It would be best if you are 'passionate' or an expert in the niche you are operating in, that way you would know what you are talking about and the people on your list would notice that!
    Spot on. You need to show the people on your list you care about them. Simply treating them as a number won't cut it

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    Originally Posted by Moneyland View Post

    In a nutshell:

    I have 1200 on my list and I have emailed them a few times but I have completely lost my way with this as all I have concentrated on is getting traffic to my site. When I have emailed my list any offers in the past it has resulted in nothing.

    I want to start providing some good info about my niche to my list and I also want to start making offers to my list for other products.
    What may work better is if you send them emails talking about a certain problem, one that they've probably experienced and may not know how to solve and may be looking for an answer to.

    Tell them after you've reminded them of this problem to keep an eye on their email because you are going to share how you solved that problem. The first email makes them start thinking. The second one you made them wait for an aswer and now they want to see it. They want their problem solved. In the next email, give them some free info on how you solved the problem.

    Do this a few times. It builds trust. You pointed out a problem and solved it for them. Now they know that when there is a problem, you are the one to listen to. Do the same thing now, except use your product as the solution to the problem.

    If you have a blog, you can do the same thing. In some of your posts, you will put affiliate links but you have to make them want to click it. I talked about vision requirements for pilots in one of my posts. I talked about glasses, eye surgery, color blindness, etc and gave good information on the post. The last paragraph on the post I said wrote the following:

    Natural eye exercises

    Since I'm getting to the point where I may need reading glasses, I have considered this a million times. I just don't know if it really works or if it doesn't. This is one of those things that I've heard two sides on. Some people swear it works and some say it doesn't. Just like some people love Chiropractors and some say they don't do anything. This one is for you to decide. I have attached a link at the bottom of this article for you to read more about it. I see ads for this all the time and every single time I am tempted to spend the money for the chance that it will work and I won't need to wear glasses. After all, I got eye surgery so I wouldn't have to wear glasses! If anyone decides to try it and buys it through the link below, please let me know if it really works because I've been dying to try it and I don't have the money to spend right now!

    Can you really eliminate your glasses and improve your vision with simple eye excercises?

    The question after that part of the post was a link to an affiliate product. I didn't force them and even said I didn't know if it worked but I played off my own feelings. I personally wanted to try it. If someone has glasses (pointing out the problem) and you give them free answers (the answers in my posts) then you can throw a link in there as a possible solutions (just as I did above). I made a sale off a post that took me 15 minutes to write and the link is there forever. They wanted the solution, all I did was offer it to them after reminding them of a problem.

    I hope this helps!
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    Wow great answers. I suggest you take sometime to take a deep breath and think about your list and leave all sale expectations behind. If you come at it from a point of helping them out and being someone of value the sales will follow. Hell they might even ask you for your opinion.

    Funny that when we think about people as a sale they don't end up as a sale. They end up as pissed off people. You have the right idea now connect your mind, your intention and map out some goals. Then hit the auto-responder.

    At least you have 1200 people still on the list. That means you have some new ideas and the desire to make it work. You will be fine if you follow the advice of the fine people who came before me.
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      Relationship with the list starts by giving them value.
      If you help them to make money they respects all
      your emails. I get good clicks from my small list.
      I help them to earn money and I some time coach them
      through emails also.

      I wrote what I do as I am building my list and always want to
      keep them waiting for my emails.
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