How do you build an email list?

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For affiliate marketing purposes.

Right now on my site all I have is a email subscription box but this is run with the plugin Jetpack, which sends emails to subscribers every time I post an article on my site. However I cannot attain the list of emails, or at least I cannot seem to find it.

How do I go about building a list?
What plugins could I use on my site?
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    I use GetResponse which collects all the emails for you and you can use their form builder to put a subscription box wherever you want on your site. It costs a bit of money every month is is definitely worth it.
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    What you are looking for is an autoresponder company.

    There are lots out there but the two main ones I use are Getresponse and Aweber.

    Aweber also has a $1 trial for the first 30 days and GR has a FREE Trial so check it out
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    This will give you some good info.
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    Mailchimp do a free account and there is a wordpress plugin you can use to manage the sign-up process on your site.

    If all you want to do for now is to start gathering email addresses, rather than engage with them via autoresponders, then that will do you.
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      On your website homepage add the option to sign up to your newsletter (or offer a freebie etc if they leave their email). This is a useful way to build your list.

      Also ask all your contacts if they'd mind you adding them to your email list.
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    You asked two specific questions and I will give you answers to those questions in a second, but for now I am going to go out on a limb and give you advice that no one is likely to broach in this thread.

    You are using Jetpack (no idea what that even is) to manage your lead collection, but I strongly suggest you move to a self hosted autoresponder right from the beginning.

    A self hosted autoresponder is not:


    A self hosted solution is:


    I am going to assume you are not a complete dummy and will be able to figure out how to get the self hosted solution installed and running (either yourself or paying someone to do it for you).

    If I could do list building over again I would have gone self hosted from the beginning, even though Aweber and GR have their benefits, I suppose.

    The biggest reason for using a self hosted autoresponder solution outside of having more control over your list is cost.

    When your list grows, the monthly price increases when using GR, Aweber.

    ArpReach, as an example, costs $200 one time, or $400 one time, depending on which package you choose.

    Aweber, for comparison is $19 per month on the low end. You'll eat up $200 in ten months with no end in sight - if you maintain a small list (which won't be the case if you are serious about growing the size of that list).

    Think long term, not short term. Invest wisely.

    As for building your list - tons of ways to do this. The question is what do you enjoy doing that could be parlayed into list building? There are so many ways to build certain types of lists it could make your head spin.

    It sounds like you have a decent enough list building system going right now, with blog posts and lead capture. How is that working out for you?

    As far as plugins, not really sure if you are looking for a competitor to Jetpack but I don't really know how to answer this question so I will leave it alone for now.
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    Hi Solarstone,

    I use Aweber to build my email list and to send out autoresponse messages.

    They have a Wordpress plugin that allows you to easily capture the email addresses of your website's visitors.

    The plugin allows you to put an optin form on your sidebar, or anywhere else you'd like it to appear.
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    Use aweber, or getresponse, and also, for best conversions, try to add some incentive for people to join your mailing list. Another thing you could do, is to make the design for the opt-in form, special.. to grab your visitor attention
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      Hi Solarstone,

      I recommend AWeber as well. I've tested several different products such as GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. and I have found AWeber to be the best.

      People love free gifts and giving one away to subscribers is usually a great incentive. I typically offer a free PDF download. If you're using Wordpress there are plugins that help make this setup really easy. The File Manager WP plugin is my favorite for offering downloads.
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    You need an autoresponder company. I use aweber and getresponse. Both are great. There are some companies, ConstantContact and I think MailChimp that don't like MMO type products, though. So, watch out for that if that is your niche.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I'll look into those.
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