How To Increase Your Clickbank Sales By Using Knowledge Of Human Behaviour.

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It is no secret that there is big money in reviewing Clickbank products, but most people think that ranking that review is the most important part of the process. Whilst it is important, writing for the reader, and knowing how people behave on the Internet helped me improve my sales threefold. Here is what to do.

Always offer an alternative.

If you are targeting the term "Acne Removal 101 Review" you are going to want to buy or get a review copy of a similar product. Lets call it "Acne Removal 202". Now you are going to want to structure your Article. I do it like this.

Heading : "Acne Removal 101. It really Works But..."

In the first paragraph, you are going to want to tell them if it works straight away. I'm guessing it does if you're promoting it. But instead of recommending they buy it, recommend that they don't. Bear with me i know it sounds crazy. Instead, say something like this.

"I found that Acne Removal 101 does work, but I also downloaded Acne Removal 202, and found that it was a lot quicker, there was much more information, and the whole process seemed easier to understand. You can check Acne Removal 202 Here. Even if you go with Acne Removal 101, I would recommend you check out
Acne Removal 202.

Why Do I Do This?

Well when Humans are searching for solutions online, they don't read, they scan. That is why I have the word "But" in the first heading, as it kind of forces them to read the paragraph to find out what the negative is.

By telling them that Acne Removal 202 works better, I have played on their curiosity. They will now "Have" to check out the other one, and chances are, they are going to buy that instead. The reasoning behind it is simple. I'l go through the buyer process.

1.Person looks for solution to problem online
2. An affiliate marketer recommends a clickbank product
3. The buyer sees the sales page but does not buy as is sceptical
4. They are "on the fence" so they look for a review of the product
5. They find your review

After this, they will most likely do any of the next ABC options, but if you do what i say, most likely they choose option C.

A) They take your word for it, and decide to buy Acne Removal 101. They probably have the product sales page in a new tab, so they will return to that Tab and buy the product. You receive no commission.

B) They take your word for it, and us your affiliate link to buy the product if they have closed down the original sales page for some reason. Usually though, if people are thinking of buying something, they won't close down the product page. They will just open a new tab.

C) They see that Acne Removal 101 has a good review, but have been told that Acne Removal 202 is a better option. They take your word for it and buy Acne Removal 202. You get Commision

When i started offering them an alternative product that did the same job, and recommending it over the product they were looking for a review for, my sales jumped up massively. Knowing the behavior of how people act online will help you out a lot when it comes to marketing products.

Here is a picture that tenuously describes giving them the choice. Except the cow is your prospect and the slaughter house is your commision.

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      Very clever! It's a funny thing chasing after that "<INSERT PRODUCT HERE> review" keyword. You know that when you rank you'll get decent traffic (if you've done ur research right). But, you also know a lot of the time that you should be able to convert that traffic a lot better....

      I'll definitely test this one out... thanks for the share!
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  • Profile picture of the author turnkeybiz
    Great tip thanks so much
    "A man's worth, is not measured by the numbers in his bank account, but in the number of people that call him friend" Internet Marketing Consultant -
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      Originally Posted by turnkeybiz View Post

      Great tip thanks so much
      Ha thanks man means a lot! You joined the forum when i was 12!
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  • Profile picture of the author harleylover
    Sorry to be to this. So you are actually promoting Acne 202 rather than Acne 101 correct? Or are you promoting both, so whichever way they choose, you get commission?
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  • Profile picture of the author Tamalkrishna
    I must say that it is a brilliant way to play with human mentality. You are right. People never read articles online. Only a very small percentage of people read a long article on internet. People usually scan it. That means; we need to find a better way catch people's attention to whatever product we are promoting for.

    The best way to make them click on your review page is to write an attractive title for your article. As an example - ' Don't Buy ( product name ) If you are not ready...', Are you serious about ( product name )? Read this; You May Not believe what I found about ( product name ) and any other titles that attracts people attention.

    I have used this process to sell a lot of products and it really works. But you need to be a very good writer. You have to cleverly use your words to convince them. It all depends on the power of words and how you attract people to read these words.
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  • Profile picture of the author RedShifted
    You are fervently what this forum is lacking.

    I did a long write up on another forum all about sales tactics and the shady things I do to get high conversion rates (on CB). And its amazing how little marketers actually know about basic psychology.

    Like when I explain that communication is 7% verbal and 93% nonverbal. Very few marketers understand what that really means. Or why its so important for making BIG MONEY.

    If you ask me - marketing is 90% psychology and 10% technology.

    All of those who neglect psychology are destined to go broke, break or fail before they even begin.

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    You could sell also the first solution besides the second one, and make money with both products.
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    • Profile picture of the author seonutshell
      Originally Posted by clever7 View Post

      You could sell also the first solution besides the second one, and make money with both products.
      Yeh I promote both but not a single person in the world will buy both if you tell them both work but one is better. They will but the better one. Especially if the one you say is better is cheaper, but even if it isnt it still works.
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  • Profile picture of the author M3C
    Shusshhh :-)

    That said, you just provided something of more value than 95% of the WSO's.

    We use a very similar variation on the "but" verbiage to great effect on our review sites , we also mirror it within the META title so it's bolded in G.

    Another process map we've followed with great success , which helps draw in sales is to still hyperlink "acne removal 101" so if they decide they don't like your suggested product, they will often just shoot back up the page and click on your link, rather than close down the browser and go back to the link they had on the other tab/page.

    Folks are lazy like that.
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