Purchased expired domain. Is it ok to repost the content from the 404'd links?

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I recently purchased an expired domain to create an NPN.

There are backlinks that are 404'd and I've found the content via waybackmachine. Is it ok to just copy the exact content and post it since it's same domain as it was originally on? Or will I be penalized by Google, or run across some other trouble?
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    I don't think you will be penalized by Google.
    But you could be subject to some serious copyright infringement.
    I know who gave you this advice/considerations to do it (I am a member too) but I would be very careful with this.
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      Cool, thanks for the info.

      Stefan, that was actually me who suggested it haha. I was wondering because I'm in the same situation as him (the starter of that previous question).

      Looks like I won't be reposting the content. Will just make my own.
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    No once can really tell if your site will get penalized as the rules have changed a lot since then. You don't own the previous content so you might run into serious trouble.

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