Do you need to know design to offer website creation services?

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I am reading some threads here about people setting up websites for small businesses and this is something I would like to get into. I would just like to set up simple Wordpress sites though as my skills are not in design. Ultimately my goal is to start with websites and some basic SEO, expand into PPC and some other marketing areas, and ultimately move into high end marketing analytics since I have the higher education and background to excel there. What do you think? I didn't want to start right at marketing analytics because I think I need to build a portfolio and clientele first since I would be going after bigger clients at that point.
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    You just need to know enough to explain it to your clients if asked. Other than that, just find a reputable person to outsource the design work from and you'll do just fine
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    Leo Fender built the worlds two most iconic guitars the telecaster and the stratocaster....which 50 years later are still in the top 3 guitars on the planet... arguably number one, at least one of them...

    And he didnt even play guitar.

    Not that this is relevant, but it was interesting I thought.

    On another note: Think like a "contractor". You can be the orchestrator of the design and not the designer, you can sell design and outsource the design work. This also means that your creativity provides opportunities for other talent that needs work. Tis even more noble than doing the design yourself in my book.
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    If you want to start with building the sites yourself, there are plenty of Wordpress Courses out there but I would recommend buying some theme packages on here or somewhere like elegant themes that come with an XML file so that you can basically click a couple buttons and have your site built with dummy content to look just like the "demo site". Then just modify the text and menus to fit your clients needs.

    If you don't want to do it yourself, i agree with John that you can just contract the work out to someone who will do it for a lot less than what you can charge a local business owners. There are plenty of people in the Warriors for Hire section or on Odesk or any of the freelance sites that will set them up for $100-$200
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    Yes and no.

    You don't have to know how to build a site, but you need to know on-page SEO.

    Some things client wants sometimes doesn't comply with good on-page SEO, you have to know this and make the case. Especially if you're planning to offer SEO down the road.
    Luckily there's plenty of good on-page SEO tutorials on the net (seriously, no need to buy a WSO).

    There's also user experience, you have to know that "I want a yellow background with white text" is not a good idea. Just use common sense for this.
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    As long as you know the basics of Wordpress you will be fine. Just make sure your on page seo is done well. There are so many themes for wp you can easily find something for any type of business.
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      If you're committed to helping your clients make more profits than they pay you in fees for your work then it doesn't matter so much what your skills are or what particular service you provide.

      If you actually make them more profits than they pay you then it's a valuable service to them.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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