Email vs Direct Mail for your customer list?

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I have about 2000 paying customers in the golf niche. Most of these people are between 40-60 years old. They became customers by purchasing on the internet.

Now I'm wondering, which will be most profitable for me...sending them a backend promotion through email or through direct mail? (or both?).

The good thing about email is that it's free. The good thing about direct mail (I suppose), is the open-rates etc.

But then again, I'm not in the IM niche. I think the open-rates for my emails to this list will be pretty good, as they're not really used to getting promotions.

What do you think?
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    Since email is so cheap I wouldn't ever consider not sending emails. What I'd recommend is direct mailing your non-openers.
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      Whichever you use, put a low price point offer in front of them first,
      then on the Thank You page have your main offer.

      This way, you'll sell many times more of it.

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    I agree, it shouldn't be either or neither, but really, email is a must, plus you you could consider other media.

    Email campaigns are on the ' why are you not doing it already list obvious list:-)
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      You say they purchased on the internet...
      did they discover you on the internet or through
      another media?

      The media they found you by,
      is usually the method they will continue to prefer.

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    Is there a reason why you don't do both, since email is relatively inexpensive.

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      No question, USE BOTH. I respond better to DM more than email. Even
      if it is the exact same offer.

      At the very least do what Bob Ross said, mail to the non-opens
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    Originally Posted by svedski View Post

    The good thing about email is that it's free. The good thing about direct mail (I suppose), is the open-rates etc.
    And the bad things about email is that it goes to the junk folder, or accidentally gets deleted, or doesn't get read by as many as maybe direct mail would get read. But the bad thing about direct mail is that it may get summarily tossed into the garbage or misdelivered.

    Email and direct mail are merely the media by which your message is delivered. Since they both have pros and cons to using them, ultimately, what makes either of these profitable for you, is the message itself which the media delivers.
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