Cant make html work in my post

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sorry in advance ......

I made a sales letter for a web site I am selling with a wso sales page template that I had from a wso I bought a while back..

now it looks great in my editor and in ie and firefox
but when I try to paste the code in the post box so the page will show in the forum thread it just shows the html code...
I know I know silly me right..

well my question is I guess .... is there a way to make my sales page in html show in the forum post
or do i have to go back and redo the whole thing in the vb forum code

thanks in advance I am going blind trying to find an answer in the faqs or on the web but I cant find nuttin

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    html code is not allowed in your post so you need to redo your salespage in BBCode. But you can try to convert your existing HTML page with this editor which supports BBCode:

    HotEditor V4.2 - WYSIWYG to BBCode Converter (HTML to BBCode and BBCode to HTML) Support Safari


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      Thanks Thomas..

      I could not get that tool to work for me.. I am sure I was missing something right in front of me but I could not get it.... but it did give me a clue of what to search for and I was able to find one that I could figure out and I was able to get my site wso posted finally .. it didnt turn out as nice as i hope but I'll take it for a first try

      thanks again for the help



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