Articles with 1000+ words for a public who does not have time to read?

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With the recently changes in Google's algorithm for content quality, more than ever we have to prioritize useful information for our visitors.

I create content for a store who sells products for babies. It is easy to see that my main persona are mothers.

We all know that mothers have little to no time to be free and on the internet reading long posts with a thousand words.

I organize my posts like this: 90% of the posts are just content and the other 10% are content with product suggestions (here of course I suggest the options available in the store that I work for).

All the texts contain no more than 500 characters and I try to cover most of the topics even with this small limit.

The texts that I develop are high quality, they are not just words randomly selected to rank.

Even if my audience does not have time to read, is it still worth it to develop high quality content with a lot of words, or should I focus on delivering content in a way that my public can read without worries?
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    Check out the word count on the first page of results for various target keywords in your niche - that will tell you what Google likes.

    Then take a look at sites like WikiHow that deliver long content without it appearing to be long. They're a good model - in the niches I'm in, they're often 3,000 words upwards.
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    Yes first check out the major site which topped the rank search result for number of keywords. When you post content make it more readable. Make content in short paragraph.
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    For me personally this long content crazy is pretty annoying. People are just typing waffle and filler. I'd much prefer a 500 word page of pure useful content/facts.
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      That's really my point.

      When I do my research to create the posts I read long texts that do not focus directly in solving a problem. They talk a lot of things and just after many words the solution shows up.

      What I try to do is write directly what the user is looking for. An important factor is that I write for moms. They do not have time to read a full article and spent 10 minutes to get the point. I make this came out in less than 1 minute.

      So they found in an easy way the solution to the problem they are having.
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      Originally Posted by jamie3000 View Post

      For me personally this long content crazy is pretty annoying. People are just typing waffle and filler. I'd much prefer a 500 word page of pure useful content/facts.
      I am not agree with your sentence "long content crazy is pretty annoying."
      you heard about neil's Blog, that is pretty good and lots of good info are there. I know the blog is big but useful.

      And If anybody wants to know/learn about any particular things. We have to keep patience.

      Articles with 1000+ words for a public who does not have time to read?

      Yes thereis a 500 words limit. but you can exceed according to your topic and audience. only the thing is your article should be informative.
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    You can always try to create one pillar post, and multiple short 500 words articles in different posts.

    You can then link your pillar post out to these articles and link your articles out to the pillar post. The pillar post is for SEO purpose. The short articles for your readers.

    Just a thought
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      That's a good strategy!

      I've tried this before but unfortunately it didn't came with great results.

      Do you have any advices or some content to read about creating awesome pillar posts?
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    500 words are too low to measure the quality of content. I think at least 1000+ is good for Google to rank top.
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      Well, I do not think by this way.

      I agree that with long posts the content will have more density and you will become almost a master about the topic. But as I said, my public does not have time to read such long posts and they do no want to know everything.

      They want a quickly solution to their problems.
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    I love video's. Reading puts me to sleep. Try and convert your articles to video's using free tools like Open Office ... Presentation.; and Camstudio. A thousand words (or less) would make a great video. Submit your video to YouTube, then paste the URL of your YouTube video to your website / page / post.
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      You are right! And we have already scheduled a video to create!

      Thanks for your opinion!
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    I see no reason you can't do both. A few long articles, but plenty of quick product reviews or descriptions for people in a hurry.
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    I agree that your target group probably doesn't have much time for reading, so delivering shorter, informative content sounds like a good idea. Maybe you can sometimes include longer articles on some more important and complex subject matters (e.g. health; something that seems like a priority for your group).
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      That sounds good!

      As I wrote above, will try to create skyscraper posts with a lot of information and then I can link the smaller posts in this big one.
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    Suggest creating as much textual content as the average for the Top 10 for the keywords you're aiming at. Could make the first 500 characters an article itself with further content farther down elaborating on the finer points.
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      Seems a good idea! Will try this!
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    If a visitor gets the right solution for his/her problem into your article, he/she will read the complete article. So you should write your article helpful, informative and finally, contains the exact solution of a readers problem.

    Try to put most highlighted texts at the beginning of your article.
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      Well, se easily founds the solution on my posts. But is because they are short.

      To not become just a SEO post, I would have to detail each point to reach 1000 + words. And with more words, more time is needed to read it.

      Moms do not have time to do these things. So that is the reason I try to cover the points in short paragraphs and with the "basic knowledge" she needs to solve the problem.
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    Well if the content its very valuable its not matter how long it is ,people will like this ,But if you write only for seo then i think you should reduce a little bit the content

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      Our content is really targeted to our public. Just for information, many of our articles are written not focusing just in ranking, but because we join Mother's groups and look for their doubts and also we check at forums their questions too.

      The keywords are highly used mostly in the posts that we show our products.
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    Go to VIDEO!

    Moms prefer watching tutorial video instead of reading long article.

    I suggest article + VIDEO + a transcript

    try to summarize the video and put a strong CTA for building your list
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    • Profile picture of the author IceFlok
      Thanks, Connann.

      I did a research and found exactly this: for people who do not have time to read, make videos!

      I sent some ideas to the design team so they can create videos with tips and hints for the moms.
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    Well Better to use some other kind of content like videos and infographics because people like them.
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      I already had a meeting with the Creative Team and we will be creating this kind of content in the next few weeks!

      I am looking forward to check the results!
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    Friend, you must find who are your readers? Target your audience, research your audience and provide information that they love. It is the most important issue.
    Yes, you are right that many people have no time to read the whole content, but they try to get the summary. Many people read your full content who looking for these this information, they are quality traffic.
    You must provide detail information so your article can be long.
    Always the perfect article that people really looking for, rank better in search engines.
    Thanks, Munna Hossain.
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      Well, I already do some "research" before creating posts. I always check on Facebook Groups to see watch the moms are looking for and try to cover the most in a content easy and fast to read.

      But as I said before, will be trying again some skyscraper content to see the new results.

      Thanks for your help.
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    Your content should always be created based on needs and convenience of your readers.If you are certain your readers which are Moms with very little time to read...I suggest that you try a mix of short term content blended in with different style formulas.for example . write list post, how to post even try having a few quizzes and contest to get them involved.
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    I don't think, the quality content of 500 words is too much lengthy.
    However, as being content writer myself, I prefer precise content with figures and graphics; that need less scrolling over the mobile devices. Visual appeal of content has gained more importance during past couple of years. The volume of a post doesn't matter much but the quality and utility of information you are providing matters.
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