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Hi friends
Need your help. regarding my blog
I noticed my articles are not getting featured snippet in google even if they are the first result of google search for a keyword. for example https://coinfunda.com/best-tezos-wallets/ key work is "best tezos wallet"
What can be the reason?

Another thing:
I want to write subheadings in an ordered list. which I am doing manually. for example:

Top 5 mobile phone (in H2)
Heading A (h3).....text para
Heading B (h3).....text para
Heading C (h3).....text para
Heading D (h3).....text para
Heading E (h3).....text para

How can I mark these sub headings as ordered list of all subheadings, Is there any WP plugin. I feel this may be a reason that is why google not fetching article as a featured snippet.
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