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ok I have a money page and lets say its and I want to start building some nice keyword rich content pages around it.

I will be creating the content on the site for different keywords and then start building links coming into each page.

What would be the best way to create those pages?

Would it be better to create a new html page like for each keyword?

or should I create a wordpress blog and post the content as blog posts or maybe even new pages within the blog?

THe reason I ask is becuase it would seem to me the more different pages (eg. ) the better it would be but then there are also a lot of benefits built into wordpress that I would be passing on
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    All that matters is that each page is built around the specific keywords and the topic of xyz is consistent with a theme.

    Google will look at each page separately within context.

    Use WordPress to make the job easier. Don't over think it.

    There is no "Best" ... and Google could careless about the software you use... they only crawl content.
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      If you plan to add more and more pages to your site, then go with wordpress. It´s great for these kind of projects. For a small site I would recommend html pages, as they usuallay load quicker and this is one thing which google loves nowadays.
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    Yes Google prefers you to name your pages using useful words. So if you make a page on to discuss Alphabet Problems, don't name the page just because its quicker for you to type.

    Call it what it is eg.

    Google likes that.
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