SEO- 9000 words post- publish in 1 page or break to few pages?

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I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I am really looking to get some advice from more experience SEO warriors who might have done something similar to what I am about to describe. But I welcome any suggestion and tips. Thank you.

Ok here is an issue I am battling with right now.

I am targeting a really big keyword in my niche. I have written a really complete post about it. Its a list post and it contains around 9000 words. Yes 9000!

I am going to try to rank for it and since I already rank for many other big keywords in the same niche, I think it wont be that hard, especially since the post is going to have lots of quality (well I hope Google and users see it the same way as well) text and covering every angle of the keyword.

Now, what do you think. Should I publish this post in one page or should I split it in a few pages like every 1000 words on one page.

So, you read the first page and at the end there is link to page #1- 2- 3- 4 and so on. But the post is essentially the same (name).

So I am thinking:

1- If I do it all in one page, having such a huge amount of text may slow down the page.

2- For SEO Purposes it may not be good to break it up to few pages and have page urls like - - - and so on.

What do you think? Whats your experience has been with this kinds of posts? Do you treat it as any other posts?....
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    I am well aware of SEO as well. Personally I would shoot for going with the idea of having it available as a download (PDF file, E-Book, etc...) and alongside the link with the description of the informational packet on the same page. Thereby having people read the information as to what it is about and then having the download available for reading anywhere, at anytime, anyplace.
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    I'd do one. Add pictures and good formatting, you can have a real possibility for viral post. Site like has some long as.s articles, I believe some over 5000 words. Tons of comments, owner built a great brand.

    Google loves 2000+ articles too, guaranteed.

    But if it is really too inconvenient to post and read then you could do a series of 3 posts too, but make them into 3 different keywords if you can so that it gives you benefits for multiple rankings. Example:

    Ultimate Keyword: How to...
    Ultimate Keyword: 5 tips about...
    Ultimate Keyword: 3 ways to...

    Good job on writting btw, must know your niche!
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    If there is a market for it then I agree with changing it into an ebook and then giving it away with an opt in. This way you can build a nice email list of subscribers. Then take one particular point out of that article which people have the greatest need for and write an article on it, but don't solve the problem. Let them know that it can be found in the ebook.
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    I think Yukon will say do about 10 pages
    interesting to hear the comments on this

    9000 seems like overkill for one page though

    Y not silo structure about 10 pages with a main category landing page>
    to me that would have much more Shazaaam uumph for Google ranking bots
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    Build 9 - 1,000 word pages & you'll stand a very good chance of getting double/triple SERP listings for multiple keywords with proper internal anchor-text links.

    Three links on page #1 of Google SERPs is better than one link.

    Not to mention page load time might be slow for a 9K word page.
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      I would certainly go with a break down of maybe 8-9 pages. You can optimise each page to cover a different aspect of the main topic and then link to each within the main post. This will make your optimisation for the main keyword more diverse and will break down the overall writing into specific areas of this topic.

      You have to think about the user who finds the article. Would the user rather read a 9000 word article to find the answer to their question is 8000 words into the article OR would the user prefer the article to be broken down into specific sub sections that can be easily browsed depending on how many certain areas of the topic is covered throughout the article.
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    I would say it depends on your keyword density. If your keyword appears more in specific areas of the article, and you split the 9000 words up into smaller posts, you could end up creating 8-10 different pieces, some with a decent keyword density and others with a poor keyword density.

    So if your article has an effective keyword density with the whole 9000 words as an article, you could leave it like that, and see good results.


    You could break the article up, but have to improve the density in the new individual posts so they are better optimized for seo, and still see good results.

    Whatever you think would be more suitable for your website.
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    If you decide on one page, look into jump tags so reader can jump to parts of article they want to read. Better reader experience.
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    If that 9000 words is quality, you can do loads of different things with it. 1st id make a PDF and use it as a free report (maybe use to build a list) then you can split it into maybe 3-5 different articles keeping the best one for the main keyword you were after and the others as longer tail keywords related. you could also put them in their own category and build links to the category to promote all of the 9000 words. Putting a 9000 word article on a single page very few people will actualy read all of it however if its well written and has images and waht not then you may also set it up as link bait for your niche!

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    For the sake of the reader, make it easy to digest and navigate by splitting it up. I imagine a large page would be difficult to manage for a lot of visitors.
    Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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    I agree with Yukon. Break that sucker up into at least pages of 1000 words (roughly 9 pages). Would be a lot easier to read.

    Think of it from a visitors stand-point - Let's say I get into reading it and something comes up, so I bookmark the article. However, when I come back to it, I have to scroll through all of that content to find out where I left off. If the article was broken down into several pages, I could simply find the page I left off at, click on it and continue from there. Much, much easier from a readers perspective in my opinion.
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    Thank you all for your inputs. I see and agree with all the points you guys made. I really want to make it one one of those really huge list posts that goes viral. Of course the latest part is not so much up to me. The user decides if its worthy to be shared with everyone else.

    I like the idea of doing it as an ebook, but I really want to have it as a post, first to make it easy for the user to get the info, second to benefit from possible ranking for the keyword since its a big keyword.

    I like the idea of more tags. I think I will use that.

    I am going to dig a bit dipper and see if I can find some related long tail keywords, because the idea of splitting them into few pages and targeting few keywords is appealing as well.

    If I can't find any worthy related keyword, I'll go with one post. I'll be sure to post a link here and get our guys feedback after publication as well.

    In the mean time, I would really appreciate any other suggestion and advice as well. And thank you for helping out. I really appreciate you guys taking time to help.
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    Thank you all for your suggestions. So, I went ahead and published the artcile in one post. But, in the article I broke it down to a few different sections using some big related keywords.

    One thing I couldn't figure out how to do the "jump" tags thing as boxoun (above) suggested. How do you do it in wordpress?...

    Here is the actual post: 101 Small Business Ideas

    Please feel free to give me any suggestion and feedback you may have. I really appreciate everyone's help.
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