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Hi again

Firtly, sorry if this is a duplicate post from me - the forum didn't seem to accept my last attempt at posting and went a bit crazy.

I have a wordpress site, and the homepage is very light on content due to the way it was designed. It does, however, have a "featured area" which shows a snippet of a blog post selected from the blogs page.

I had a particular blog post selected for the "featured area" as it is paginated over 6 pages - all keyword rich and good content.

My question to you guys is this:

Does Google see the snippet on the homepage, and view the whole blog contents - and associate it with the homepage? - and if it does, does this mean that Google views it as duplicate content, as it is on the homepage, and also in the "blogs" page?

Thanks, I look forward to any thoughts or experience on this

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    If you add a snippet, no, Google probably won't see it as duplicate content. I use snippets for my homepage on one of my popular mobile phone websites and it works just fine, however i'd be careful as to how much of the post you actually show in your snippet.

    In general though Google doesn't care too much about duplicate content on your site (content that is duplicated across your own website) - if it does find duplicates, it will try to choose the best version to show in the search engines.

    Duplicate content within your own website can become an issue however, if you have duplicate articles then there is a chance that Google will spread the authority, pagerank et al amongst a number of different duplicate pages i.e. affecting how your article should rank in Google - this is where the canonical tag comes in useful.

    Hope this helps.
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    I would like to add that Google may rank you for words built up from the snippet as well. One time I had a site that said "how to dominate your market" and a snippet from a blog that had woman in it and Google ranked me for "how to dominate your woman". Food for thought.
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    I have a similar question on this...

    One of the popular SEO guides out there (Profit Storm) says to have the full blog posts on your homepage, rather than just showing an excerpt. So we're talking 100% duplicate content here, the homepage featuring all the content from the blog posts, which of course have their own separate pages. I've been following the guide to the letter, but something about that doesn't seem right.

    Does anyone have any more opinions on this?
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    Don't set your feature post as it will be duplicate content in concern of Google. But let me bring update you that before you set feature post, set your permanent link and then make it feature.

    And apart from this, Use canonical tag in your meta tag of the post, as result of this Google will pass entire value to the same url instead of repeating URL.

    Wish You Good Luck..!
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