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I Have Listened About Getting Unique Content For Blogs!
But Can I Use Duplicate Content On By Blog And Telling It's Source Will It Be Good With Adsense ?
Will My Site Get Indexed ?
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    No, you can't do that without incurring a duplicate content penalty. You need to write original content.
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    A good idea will be to spin/spun the content then use it on your site. OR better still, hire someone from Odesk to rewrite the articles.
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    I think Google adsense has no problem with duplicated contents with link to source but these contents probably don't rank in top results on Google and you don't get traffic and then money from them. So its better to have unique content on your website to earn money from them.

    I love warriorforum. Computer Tutorials

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    I would strongly suggest that you ONLY use unique content

    duplicate content has been known to rank but thats another story

    always use unique content nothing else

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    One of my competition scrapes a well known public domain site & he is now a Premium Adsense Publisher.

    His site has been around a few years, but the site only became a Premium Adsense Publisher less than a year now.

    Just saying, do so at your own risk & know for a fact that you have rights (public domain) to the content that's on your own site. You only get one chance with Adsense.
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    You need to create consistent, fresh content if you want to get your site ranking high. Duplicate content is no good in the long run. Good luck.
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    Thanks Everyone
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    Quality or fresh content required if you want to start adsence campaign.Due to some restriction by google panda no duplication is allowed.
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    I would recommend fresh unique content. In the long run it will lead to better rankings. Google has been unleashing its wrath on people who take shortcuts.
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    Nope, you cant do that. You must have a unique and fresh content.
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    Right just your own unique contents don't try to use duplicate contents that will cause big spam to your site.
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    NEVER put duplicate content on your websites if you want them to actually rank in the SERPS and have a good ranking that is.

    It just doesn't make sense in my opinion. You want the visitor to come to your website and be able to find information that they won't be able to find anywhere else.

    If you are just copying it off someone else, that really isn't providing much...right?

    There are good content creation services in this forum as well.


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