How to improve website ranking ?

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  • Your website ranking in search results depends on many different factors. Adding quality content on your site and building relevant links should be your main priority. You also need to have a strong, visible presence on social media sites and promote your content to the right audience. Proper keyword research is essential.
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    It is difficult to really suggest ideas. I don't know if you are asking this question because you have been affected by Penguin or how your on page SEO is.

    However, I would say that if you want to increase your ranking like mrsvirtualassistant said, yo may try adding more content to your. Moreover, you could also get social bookmarks for your website. But then again, because I don't know your site, what I said may not apply.
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    Social bookmarking
    Directory submission
    Blog commenting
    Forum posting
    Article marketing
    Web 2.0 submission
    If you don't know how to do this then please hire someone to do this.
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      Hi G player,

      GOODY INFO. I am totally in corner on that you.i think classifieds submission are also a very good way to improve website ranking. Outstanding website also play an important role.
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    I would love to help you and anyone else out but asking such a general question won't get you very far. The short answer is build quality links and don't take shortcuts.
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    Directory submission service is your answer. We offer this great service:
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    1. More content + unique content = Better defense against spammy backlinks
    (Now try to spam down Wikipedia and spam down
    2. Add YouTube video on your site = Better impact on SEO
    3. There is no such thing as too many links = Link velocity
    4. Press release + PAD + Blog networks + Blog comments + Doc sharing + Web 2.0 + Social Signals + 5. Untapped links = Strong backlinks
    6. Getting every ounce of link juice from each backlink = IP diversity
    7. Strong on-page seo + nofollow & noindex unwanted content = Strong foundation for bigger backlink campaigns.
    8. Keyword density plays a big part in your SEO campaigns but balance it out with LSI keywords.
    9. Diversify your anchor text for long-term rankings.
    10. Diversify your links for long-term rankings.
    11. Get your links crawled if not your links don’t count
    12. Drop in rankings? Just keep building backlinks to them.
    13. Trust (edu) + Authority (from content) + Good On page SEO + Good website structure + Quality backlinks + IP diversity + Link velocity + Link diversity = The Ultimate SEO Success.

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    Do not use duplicate contents in the website because Google crawler is always looking for unique contents.Even keyword density is an important factor for page rank.
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    social bookmarking
    directory submission
    forum posting
    blog commenting
    for increasing your site ranking,,,,,,,,,,,
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      Website ranking depends on many factors as traffics on website and strong backlinks from various reputed websites. Forum link building and blog commenting are great ways for free backlinks creation but it must need use do follow link provider website.
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    I would always say, unique content with quality backlinks can boost up the website ranking.
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    Try to emphasis on Article, press release and guest blogging to get contextual link by getting it you can improve your website ranking.
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    Adding quality content on your site and building relevant links should be your main priority.Target the related audience and concentrate more on Facebook and Twitter.
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    There are several things which needs to be done for ranking in Google depending upon the competition of your keyword..

    All you need to do is build quality link consistently to your website..
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    do seo of your website and you will notice your website rankings changing and improving.
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    You can improve your ranking by using the following methods.
    1. Guest Blogging and blogging
    2. Article and Press Release
    3. Blog Commenting
    4. Relevant forums
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    And also don't miss out video submission.
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      You must have optimize website by On and Off page both. Optimize it by its on page by doing appropriate changes which makes your website search engine friendly and create quality back links from other relevant websites.
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    You need some good content but SEO is all about what websites mention you and what anchor text they use to link to you. Find respectable blogs in your field and ask politely if they will write a review.
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    Social bookmarking,
    Web 2.0 links
    Forum posting
    Guest posting
    Blog commenting
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    The only one solution is SEO.
    you can add more useful content , what will help you to get more traffic and more traffic will help you to get good page rank. For SEO you can do link building.
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    If you spend some time on this forum, specially with sticky threads on this section, you could find answers. Anyway, first of all,

    1. Do keyword research (

    2. Work on ON-PAGE SEO (

    3. Once that is done, start working on Backlinks (

    Hope it helps,
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    Content ... content and content ... It is the King ... the only thing which will bring your blog to a good ranking ... make unique and valuable post which is not copied from anywhere else and people will automatically backlink to your post if it is good ... and you will get a good ranking ...
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    Go to SEO moz and SEO book and read all of the important articles regarding the ranking process. you will get a detail idea about how to rank your website.
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    There are so many factors that play vital roles get top ranking on major search engine. Today you need high quality and relevant back links with quality content to make your website above competitors.

    1 Article Submission
    2 Press Release sub
    3 Forum Posting
    4 Squdioo lens
    5 Hubpages

    Really helpful get good ranking ...
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    There's no straight answer to that. Improving your website's ranking completely depends on your approach and it won't happen overnight.

    There's a lot of useful information here on the Warrior Forum - so search around, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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