Using PLR Content, good or bad idea?

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I'm following some advice from a WSO to try to build traffic and get ranked for my money site.

I'm creating original content for the money site, and creating sites on, blogger and more places with links to the money site.

Is it a good or bad idea to use PLR content as is on those other sites?
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    I'm not sure unchanged PLR is a good idea these days if you want Google love. It depends on how widespread the PLR is, its quality, etc. I think I'd do at least some quick rewriting to introduce some uniqueness. But it's debatable. No one can say for sure.
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    If you don't change it at all, it's bad. It won't help you at all, and it can potentially hurt you. That's not to say that you can't use it as a starting point and tweak it, edit it, add to it, and really make it your own.
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    The PLR 'as is' probably won't do you any good. If you want your links to count on these Web 2.0 platforms, you need to make sure that each and every submission is completely unique. There are several tools and services that you can use to do this, otherwise you will have to sit down and churn out all of this content by hand. A reeeeaaalllll PITA
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      I just see using PLR as a way of gaining ideas in niches i have little knowledge of. I have personally never used it without changing it at least a little bit. I'm pretty sure the whole idea behind PLR is that you can now have relatively well structured articles in any niche without necessarily having prior experience in a niche.
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    • Make sure you either rewrite the content or spin it. It is better to manually rewrite the articles that you are going to use. This will increase your chances to rank for your targeted keywords and minimize the risk of being penalized for duplicate content.
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