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Hi All

A lot of wordpress themes often require you to select a page in the 'Front Page' settings to get the theme to work.

However, this creates 2 urls that have duplicated content e.g (your home page) (and the content you used for the home page)

Is this seen by google's spiders as duplicate content thus potentially harming your rankings?

If so, is the work around to not index url ?

Hope the above makes sense

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    Yeah that's not a problem though. But you should try to noindex "Tags" and "Categories".

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      Originally Posted by gearmonkey View Post

      Yeah that's not a problem though. But you should try to noindex "Tags" and "Categories".
      Hmmm..funny I keep hearing that for the past year because one of my sites gets all its buyer traffic from tag pages and rakes in plenty of dough. Despite being told that tag pages would get wiped out in subsequent panda iterations due to duplicate content issues - it never happened.

      I'm not saying that everyone should go down this route. I'm just saying what I see for one of my sites - and a highly performing one.

      Edit: granted this site was penalised by using BMR - but the tag pages were it's saving grace and have been ever since. Could all go down the pan tomorrow.

      All I'm saying is there is not a "one size fits all" answer on this stuff.
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  • Moneyglue,

    You can use the rel=”canonical” tag on your different pages to let Google know which page is the one to index.

    It is important to note that sites aren’t necessarily penalized for having duplicate content. The issue is that the search engine does not know which page is the original or right page to put in its index so by having duplicate content on the same or across domains, you run the risk of not getting them indexed.

    More on duplicate content,

    Duplicate content - Webmaster Tools Help

    Hope that helps,

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    well, it depends. if you post the content twice both on home page and content page then it's duplicate.

    but if it's the nature your site that take every post you made to home page. it's not duplicate.

    like me i am using blogger, so whenever i made a post it appear on the home page as new post, and it'll also be available through post url.

    so no duplicate issues in this case
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    If you use rel=”canonical” tag to tell google that, which page is most accurate and suitable url to index. If so you can avoid these kind of issues.
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