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Hey guys

I am re-optimizing some websites for a client of mine and I went to create XML sitemaps for all of the sites when I realized that each one already has a Sitemap.PHP or a Sitemap.HTML

I have always used XML sitemaps, however I could never quite get a real answer as to if it matters to Google which type of sitemap you have.

Like, is it a big deal that the websites already have these types of sitemaps instead of an XML sitemap? Is it worth changing them or does it barely make a difference?

Any educated feedback would be hugely appreciated!!!!

Thanks, - Joe.
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    Sitemap.php or sitemap.html is the sitemap for user and search engine both, but google webmaster tool not accept these two version sitemap. In that case you have to create the XML sitemap to submit in google & bing webmaster tools. XML sitemap is only for search engine, ( not for user). So it is not an issue to create 2 sites.
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    Read Here - 1.
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    Just wait until paulgl sees this. He has the good advice with this kind of concern.
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    Xml sitemap is for all the search engines to crawl to all the pages to your site where as others are for the user experience so they can find the pages on your site.
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    It will be better if you use the XML version of the sitemap as you will have more control for how often a specific page should be re-visited and the priority etc.
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    I've used sitemap.aspx, sitemap.html, etc. with Google and no issue (previous CMS we've used auto generated the sitemaps .aspx). Google Webmaster Tools still showed that each had been crawled and the crawl stats look no different than a .xml file. As long as the syntax is formatted correctly, there is no issue.

    This is from Google's own guide to sitemaps:
    "You can name the text file anything you wish. Google recommends giving the file a .txt extension (for instance, sitemap.txt)."

    Hope that helps.
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      It does not matter to google what kind of sitemap you have,
      or if you even have one. It makes webmasters feel good, especially
      if thet think that following a laundry list of things to do helps.

      Google needs no help in crawling your site, although again, webmasters
      think they do. Makes no sense really. If a normal person on the internet
      cannot find pages on your site, what does it matter? A sitemap
      was never to replace a visitor's ability to surf around your site.

      In fact, if you "need" one, your site sucks. Period.

      Uncle Si says, "... you can't fix sucks with a sitemap."


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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