Writing a Content in Simple words really Matters

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Hello to all
And here is a new information with the help of new Webmaster video.
How much writing a Content in simple and understandable language matters in ranking.Writing matter a lot and if want to make more and more people to read your content than it should be understandable.

If you're saying something which is above the grade to understand so this won't attract a lot of audience.

for more details...


Please suggest some of your point too related to this..
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    If you want to talk about quality writing, you should actually write good quality posts yourself.

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      Originally Posted by laurencewins View Post

      If you want to talk about quality writing, you should actually write good quality posts yourself.
      I see your point but we don't all speak English as a first language. It really is the 'default' language for the Warrior Forum so a bit of attention to language sensitivity wouldn't go astray.

      Otherwise, separate forum sections for the world's major languages may need to be implemented?
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    Quite true. When you put up a post about generating good content in poor language, it sends very bad signals.
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    I guess many upcoming business products will now focus on teaching you how to write so it sounds naturally. It's nice that readability gets rewarded, will take less time to read through articles that way.
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    Words do really matter. You must create a clear and high quality content in order for your visitors to spend more time on your site.
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    simple does not always = quality or easy to read.

    It's all about who your intended readers are. If style and elegant vocabulary are more inviting to your readers or it helps them engage more with you and your calls to action then you definitely should not be going simple with your writing as your audience might find your content too simple or even non-authoritative and not worth reading.

    But if that there writin's too fancy fir ya then ya might wanna dum it down a bit.

    ya her me?
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    Thankyou, for your imput on that subjust. No problem to understanding what you type. The simple straight to the point, that way everybody understands. Very good on that topic.

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    • I always write how I speak. I try not to be like an editorial unless I need to on case to case basis.
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    It's a good answer by Matt that caters for pulling in the masses of potential audience rather than the niche, already knowledgeable few.

    If my page is directed at PhD's into the hollowed-out, sub-micron carbonyl iron pellets used in lightweight magnetorheological fluids and further elaborates on the effect of volume fraction on yield stress (in kilopascals) of the strata whilst being subjected to x amount of magnetic flux density in Teslas - that's my business. And it might pull in a few "smart material" dweebs.

    If that's the small selection of traffic I want on my website then all well and good.

    However, if I really want to rock the funky beat, I might start out with some explanation of smart materials and their use in the world and applications, try to wow a few material scientist and engineer student wannabes and lead into the various materials, research and theories out there. Digging deeper layers for those that want to pursue will enrich the site without it becoming too nerdsville.
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    This was a bit of a misleading video in a way - he spends the first 3 minutes talking about his personal preferences for writing styles, then in the last few seconds he says that doesn't matter and just use the words 'people type'.

    In other words, forget most of what he said - in terms of SEO just use the vernacular of your target audience.
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    Ranking a page of content is surely only half the battle unless you are specifically selling CPM advertising. The real point of content is to drive a visitor into a lead or sales funnel isn't it?

    Whether that's your own email opt-in, an affiliate sale, your own product, your own service, or whatever, for most businesses it's what you do with the content that matters, not writing the content in order to rank.

    I think we often forget this in the world of IM. Outside of banner advertising and Adsense, there are people actually buying goods and services too.
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    if you want more traffic to blog posts write informative posts for people not services.
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