Which kind of content people share?

by gnr991
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Hi everyone
I've started a website about learning English (I rewrite the content on the site)
I opend a Facebook page related to the site with quests in English and grammar tutorials
I have 1,000 likes already, but the problem is no one shares my things..
I barely get likes on the pictures
What should I do next? keep growing the page or trying another niche, if so, which kind of niche get lots of shares?
Thank you!
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    Depending upon your niche, memes are huge.

    That or inspirational quote pictures
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    Good advice from James.

    This is a big area, gnr991 (a guns n roses fan??), and you'd do well to look around Facebook to see which posts in your niche receive the most engagement (likes, comments, shares). Compare the high-engagement posts to the low-engagement ones. What's the difference? When you figure that out - since it often varies between niches - you'll have a better understanding of how to create your own posts in the future. I wish you all the best!


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    Since your niche is about english language, make things simple for your people. Explain things in fun ways using simple everyday examples, you know small tips that people will want to share. Perhaps make it fun, and use videos if possible.

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    Funny memes seem to work best for me, but as previously mentioned, this has a lot to do with your niche.
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      I have noticed the time of day I share something effects the engagement. I haven't figured out when the best time is yet, but I noticed anything I post late at night gets zero interaction.
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    I agree with the things they mentioned above. Memes really work well. Also I believe that facebook posting can be a bit tricky and experimental depending on your niche also timing of posts can be very important as well.
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    meme, quotes and images are really big on facebook right now. also i think you cant ask us which kind of niche gets more likes since you already have a specific niche, english language learners.
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    Like all say, funny things are more share, like memes.
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    A lot of people like to share funny and inspirational stuff on facebook these days. I guess you should try to see if that works out. Also figure out the schedule to post best because there's a chance that your reach is not that high because there aren't a lot of people active on facebook at that time.
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    People share mostly images and videos rather than text content.
    Check out buzzsumo.com.You can find ideas there.
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    Interesting, funny, unique, newsworthy, captivating content. These are the types of content that people share.
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    In addition to Jamesscanz, try to have memes or photos that support basic english and/or commonly mispelled english words, SV Agreements, and punctuations.

    Also, try to funny sometimes, don't be too business.
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    There are people with 1000+ friends on FB and don't get much or any response to their new post.

    It happens because you didn't engage well with your followers from the onset, your post isn't of much value to them, your ain't a strong brand yet and in some market you need lots of followers in order to enjoy any real activity.
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    You should share some funny stuff and also post some informative news etc for attracts viewers.

    Link Dropping is a forum sin.

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    use surprising ,sad and motivational stories that evokes emotions . make sure your stories are 10 minutes long. Memes evokes emotions that lasts only 1 minutes. But stories get glued in peoples mind . I get 90% increase of my contents when i use this technique
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    I definitely agree with everyone regarding inspirational quotes and memes. What I've found with memes though, is that you'll get a much better response if you can find or create memes specific to your niche. I do something called #funnyfriday every week on my fan page where I just share funny memes every two hours. It's hugely popular and it generates shares and new likes every week.

    But what makes it so popular is that I seek out (or create) memes that are very specific to my niche. Not only do my fans relate personally to them (which makes them funnier) but their friends love them too). People more likely to share those kinds of memes. But you also generate more targeted followers from niche-specific memes. The downside to posting generic memes is that they generate generic traffic and followers. Great for your personal profile but not as effective for your fan page.

    Picmonkey is an easy, free way to create your own memes when you can't find any specific to your niche. And the upgrade is super cheap.
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    People mostly share stuff that is quiet unique or funny or is really creative . If u can pull these thing in your site , then i'm sure you will get "likes " .

    PS: a word of advice don't be too much professional in social sites . Be casual have general chit chat or fun with general audience .Then they will definitely visit your page more often .
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    Everyone is suggesting memes but use caution with this idea. Not all types of memes will work for you. For instance, a funny meme might miss it's mark. Design a useful 'english tips' type meme and share that on your page with fans. Don't forget to literally ask fans to share your content. Share rates go up with that one thing.
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    Text based posts with some images, videos, memes, infographics, presentations and others help in attracting users. These types of posts are most liked and shared by the people. So write some interesting content and include images, infographics etc related to your business.
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      Facebook is going to be pretty tricky with the drops in organic reach - have you considered trying to grow a following on Twitter or other platforms?

      If you want to stick with Facebook you should probably prepare to pay to boost posts.
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    BuzzSumo shows you the most shared content in ANY niche. FB, g+ pins, etc.

    Awesome app.
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    Thanks all of u giving me great information.

    Thanks again.
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    People share Exciting, Funny, Newsworthy content.
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