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by imza86
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Hi , so i made this post and on the 1st day it only reached 1 people. My page is a new page and has only 50 likes.

So next day i shared that post at my personal page and then also share it to a few groups.

Then i see the reached go to 40 reached. So I assume that, that 40 people reached is the total of people reached due to me sharing to my personal profile and also to groups ?

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    Good day. In Principle, you are all right!
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    Facebook post reach depends on your post quality.
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    Reach is the number of people who saw your post.It can be fans(fan reach) and non fans(organic reach=fans+non fans).so it definitely increases when you share it in a group.But make sure you share them in related groups.
    Wish you all the best .
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    Yes, you are right. You have shared your post in relevant groups and your post reach count increased.
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    Absolutely! Apart from sharing the post, the reach of a post can greatly increase, if the post is an engaging one. When such post is made and your followers engage with it, they will be the one sharing the posts and you will discover the reach increasing without you having to do anything other than the first post. Hence, it is important, that you discover the type of posts that will resonate with your audience. Hope this helps
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    Everything is alright but you can add more things like:

    ->You can share your link in different social media, that brings more hits on your page.
    ->You can share attractive videos like any tutorial or funny or any gameplay which is very interesting, these type of things make your page very stronger.
    ->Concern about your audience, its mean which time your audience are being online more, that is the very ideal time to post anything, at that you can get live audience expression about your post.

    These are some basic things which are very effective for making more like, and these methods can be help you to get more audience too. Hope this will be helpful for you.
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    Didn't it count your hit too? If yes It's the good idea for increase traffic. Thanks for idea.
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    It's totally depends on your post quality..
    For this first you should design and eye catchy and attractive facebook post.
    If you can do this then fine but if you are unable to do so then you should contact any ads design agency. Or if you want you can hire any freelance graphic designer for done this.
    If you did attractive post design then you get huge traffic. It's 100% prove.
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    Try the boost feature for engagement. I boosted a post for £2 and got over 2000 engagements. Then I started to invite those who engaged to like the actual page. I had about 4k reach with that £2. If you want quicker results, paid advertising will give you that.
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    Facebook is always rolling out new features in an effort to give users a more seamless and useful experience. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work in your favor when it comes to reaching as many people as possible with your page content.
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