LinkedIn Just Published Brand New Data on Optimal InMail Campaign Tactics. The Results Are Based on

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that LinkedIn has just published a new analysis of the most effective InMail tactics used by recruiters around the world, in order to highlight key engagement trends and notes to help optimize InMail outreach.

The analysis is based on what the company calls 'tens of millions' of InMails sent by corporate recruiters between April 2020 and February this year. It highlights four key elements that relate to optimal InMail performance. This is just a summary of what LinkedIn's team found.

Short is Sweet

LinkedIn says shorter InMails perform significantly better than longer ones:

"The response rate for InMails of 201 to 400 characters is 16% above the average rate. In other words, these shorter InMails are 16% more likely to receive a response, compared to the average-lengthed InMail. That may be why shorter InMails are so effective: They stand out from 90% of other InMails simply by their brevity. Another likely reason is that candidates - passive candidates especially - are probably busy, and it's much easier for them to read and respond to a quick message."
I do like Mondays

LinkedIn also says that weekdays are best for sending InMail, with similar response rates throughout the week:

"Monday is the best day of the week to send an InMail, but just barely. Even sending an InMail on Friday or Sunday barely makes a difference - they only perform 2% or 3% below average."
Saturday is out

Apparently, nobody out there is very keen on reading InMail on a Saturday - so if you are planning an InMail campaign, avoid Saturday for your outreach. LinkedIn also found that personalized InMails perform about 20% better than ones written or sent en masse.

Open to Work, open to responding

Lastly, LinkedIn found that members who use the "Open to Work" signifier on their account are 75% more likely to respond than others. Launched last June, as part of LinkedIn's efforts to help those impacted by COVID-19 to find a new job, the 'Open to Work' profile feature highlights to recruiters that you're open to offers, which they can then tap through on to find out what types of jobs you're looking for, where you want to be placed, and so on.
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