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hi Warriors. I have a site for which i want to change the design. can the warriors help/suggest me design that will suit my website according to content and all.
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    Quick replies wanted.
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    I think you want one that is SEO friendly nowadays. One thing I noticed is that the site is currently lacks real content. You need to get with some content providers to fill up your site.
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      SEO is one of the most powerful methods any business can use to drive sales and growth on a limited budget.If you do the video submission, PPC and Craiglist are very useful for u get good results for you are site to get the more traffic to your site.The growth of the Internet has provided one of the most powerful and cost effective methods of marketing and growing a business this decade.
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        I'm re-thinking what I thought I knew before reading this. Thanks for a well written piece that breaks through the fog to present a clear picture on a fascinating subject.
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  • Professional presence is mandatory these days for business type websites. If you don't have the skills to do it yourself pay a good designer (get samples of his work, be very descriptive on what you want and expect) I love web design as a hobby however that is about where it ends for me. If I want something done right I hire a professional to get me the end result of what I want and need. I just had two websites designed for $150 each and it's on par with any professional corporate website I've ever seen.
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    The design as a whole looks OK, but it has horrible typography. Small blue text on a white background?

    If nothing I recommend changing it to black, or very dark gray. You should also add margins to paragraphs, so that it isn't so squished together and also maybe increase the font a little bit.
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