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In your own opinion which do you think matters most ? Is it the content or is it the Design of a website.

The question often lingers in my mind. Many persons developing new websites can develop some pretty decent content but lack the proper website design.

Others on the other hand have mastered developing professional looking websites but lack the quality content to make them successful.

My personal opinion is that content comes first even before the best looking designs. Of course a nicely designed site with easy visitor navigation does get ratings in my book. But still, when I visit a site that has information on what I'm looking for I couldn't care less about the design.

Enough of my babbling, I'm interested in your views. What matters most ?

Is It Content or Design ?

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    Content of course, but you do need a good looking design to draw people in. If your site looks old and boring, people wont bother with it. That's why design is very important because it draws them to the content on the site.
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    But design is important - especially the navigation and so forth. (Assuming we are talking a site, not just a landing page.) If someone can't find something on your site they'll go look elsewhere.

    I think old and boring is less of a turn-off than hard to use...


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    Why does this two things being compared when if you have both you can achieved greater heights
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      Thanks for the feedback guys.. @darkwizgemz the two are compared because not everyone can master both talents (having a quality design as well as good content) so it's important that the one that matters most is given more attention.
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    Thanks for the feedback moneyneed I agree.
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      Content matter most in my opinion. Look at facebook,hi5, old twitter designs. They are not the best but they have contents that attract visitors.

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    This forum, lets be honest, doesn't have a nice design but still attracts huge amounts of traffic...
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    content is king
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    I would definitely go with content. Content is king.
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      Awesome views guys ! I share the same reasoning, without good content a website will suffer. So while both are important in their own way.. The verdict is that Content is King.
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    While designing a website both things are important i.e content and design. if contents are not proper design doesn't make a sense. So contents are much important.
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    i think the best websites successfully merge the two
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    Both must be treated equally because Design makes it pleasant for vision and content must be useful
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    You can't compare content or design both are equally important for creating a acceptable website. So what would great content be without a hot design? Pretty much, just a shell less little engine. This is why it is so important to fuse both nice design and relevant content with great keywords into your entire web site.
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    Interesting points guys, thanks for the feedback
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    For a attractive website. content and web design both are important factor. The main objective of website design is to make a website and present the contents in an interactive and attractive manner.
    So both are special for a web design. Thanks
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      I personally think that both these are equally important factors for different things. Following is my view for both

      A good design can make a visitor to spend more time on website and convert visit in to an order for product or service.

      Content is the most important factor considered by Search engines while placing your website in search results.
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    I personally think it's content on a site that is simple and easy to navigate. I'd much rather have a site that didn't look bad ass that made sales, than have a bad ass looking site that visitors got distracted by.
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    Good point jwenberg and everyone else.. I absolutely love the feedback from members on this forum.
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    Content is still important but it also depends on how you design your site. Is your site navigational structure smart and intuitive? have you placed your major links in the most accessible area of you home page? are your web colors easy on the eyes?
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    Both of them is either important. In my own opinion, it depends on what will your site cater, if you are more of getting huge amount of traffic then a website should focus on its content. If its more on just advertising your site like how web designers, photographers, animators. Then why focus on content?

    This is just my two cents though.
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    I agree you are right about that. It depends on the type of website.
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