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Hi worrior!

Please take a look at these two website designs and let me know which one among these two designs is best

Site A custom Logo Design | Cheap Landing Page Design | creative Web site Design | Ecommerce website design

Site B Click Pencil

I would really appreciate your feedback
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    I think site B is better. thanks share
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      I personally like Site A. I got distracted with Site B changing from one Graphic to the other. If speed of frequency was slowed just a little with Site B, my decision wold probably change.
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    "B" looks like a graphicriver website no offense but all the elements of the site came from graphicriver for a design company i don't feel like it's appropriate to use stock graphic elements because you're a design website you should create you're own. I also use stock elements but it try to limit them as much as possible.

    now to the topic

    click pencil "A" is better for me hehe
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      Site A is better for me because I immediately got an impression what's your site about.

      Regards...Michael T.

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    B is much better .
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    One vote for site B!
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    the both are great. but if i must choose i will go to your second choice
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    B awesome, but the tweet icon in the bottom, i don't like that.

    Just my opinion
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    ill go with b also, not really fond of a


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    I am still undecided as to which template should i forward with ?
    Is there any resource where i can get opinion of 100's of people for two templates
    Landing page design focus to improve Inquiry or Sales.
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  • Profile picture of the author kooldesigning
    I need opinion of many professional designers, internet marketers and buyers for these two design so that i can come to a conclusion
    Landing page design focus to improve Inquiry or Sales.
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  • Click Pencil this one is better. The logo looks better, and the samples at the bottom look good. Liked this one way more.
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    As an interactive media designer I say:

    Take B, ditch the stroked out stuff in the slider, kill that twitter bird. Watch your language, you use plurals when I am sure you are a single entity, this is a major red flag. Just sell yourself. Also the templates at the bottom? What about the companies you have served? If they were legit, they would be a lot cleaner and linked, at least to a porfolio page...

    Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

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    i think B Is Better
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    both design is great. site A is cool but i love most site B
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    Site B has my vote.

    Reason: I can take it all in quickly and effectively without having to look all over the place like you have to do with Site A.

    Less is best in this case--from my perspective.

    I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone looking at your site for the first time, and Site B had my attention in a shorter time frame.

    Let's face it, those first few seconds are critical. If I see what I want in a few seconds, I stay and look around, but if I don't get it right away, I'm outta there!
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      I really like B better, i think it looks more modern and professional.
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    Site A is straight to the point. I get lost on site B - took me a while what kind of service you are promoting.
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    A i like most, B is good without the big banner on top
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    Version B is pretty but it looks like a generic themeforest theme and doesn't do your business any good. Who are you? What do you do? What are you selling? I don't want to sit around and watch the giant slider to figure out what your business is about. Also, whoever modded the theme left some ugly typography mistakes.

    Version A gets directly to the point. If I am visiting your site I know exactly who you are and what you are offering. The stock photo of the woman isn't a great choice, she looks grumpy which is a customer turn-off. Also, some of the text on Version A is hard to read, grey text on grey boxes?

    What I would do, take the layout concept of Version A and give it a face-lift, ditch the bottom half of Version A (all of that text) and replace it with something similar to bullet points and recent work samples from version B.

    Something to keep in mind, you're website isn't a venue for a web designers artistic expression. It's a business. You want your website to promote your business and make money. This is a concept that many of the designers over at themeforest and freelance web dudes fail to understand. They get too wrapped up in the pretty and forget about the purpose and function.
    It buys my product or it gets the hose
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    A for one reason. The first thing I see is the list of 6: services and pricing.
    It sticks to an AIDA format better. However if you made the slider move optionally, and incorporated the direct services and prices in the new design.... It would be better.
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    I think Site B is far more good looking than Site A.The main problem wit Site A is that,there are lot of big Ads which make the site some what clumsy in look.Site B is good with simple design.
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    not a fan of big images on websites, so A is much cleaner and loads faster
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    I prefer B but even then it still needs work IMHO - the graphics just need to be de-cluttered, the text could use more space - would make it easier to read. Both are decent designs though.
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    bB is nice
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    I will go for "B" why? it catch and attract my attention than the first one.
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      Actually both are great as they've got their own unique concept. But If I really have to choose I would go for A.
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    I think site A better because there are many technologies in it and we can make best web site with the help of it. And I think it is also like professional. Site A caters for web design perfectly.
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    • Profile picture of the author Tech Diva
      Hi there!

      I get the same site on both links...?

      To give you feedback from what your site as I'm seeing it:

      When I evaluate websites, I must first know what the website's intention is.

      Do you want to get people to sign up with their email for something?
      Are you selling a product or a membership and want people to buy something?
      Do you want people to click a certain button or do something?
      Do you want people to be informed or engaged (not necessarily buying or doing anything)?

      Then, I look at the webpage and ask the 3 most important questions that must be answered straight away or I know the audience will lose interest and click off quickly:

      Where Am I?
      What Can I Do Here?
      Why Would I Want To? (or, What Will I Get Out of Being Here and Doing That?)

      I look at your site and:

      - I know I'm at a site selling a service making logos and landing page designs
      - I can see your portfolio here
      - I don't know why you are different than anyone else

      My eye goes straight to the green "Special Sale 50% off" and then the "100% Guarantee" graphics. That's where it stops. I believe you may want people to focus on a "Learn more!" button to click to see your stuff, or "Order Now!" button, rather than focusing only on your slideshow. I imagine you want focus on the ACTION, where you want the viewer to go, not on a pretty graphic that may not drive them anywhere.

      I didnt' know to scroll down at first because, on my laptop, I only saw your featured slider, not the text and content below. I think at the top, from a marketing perspective, in your slider you need to flash testimonials, your portfolio samples, and then a "Order Now" button all in that "top fold" area. You can communicate all you need right there with the right images and text. Then if they want more, they can scroll down. But from the start, people would see portfolio examples and credibility from testimonials.

      Good luck, keep up the nice work.

      How good do you look online? I help people looking for a one-on-one relationship with a designer to build and market their websites: http://techdivamedia.com

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  • Profile picture of the author bilzz
    B site is much better than others ...
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