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I can't find anything on this via a search... years ago, something I used had this technology... to update/change a web page section by sending an email. It was not hard to do, didn't have to be a programmer. Any idea how this can be done?

In lieu of something like that, I wonder what is THE easiest way to change something on a site... say just to change a number that will vary day by day.
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    You could use Wordpress if you're not already. Very easy to update.

    Another option, for simply updating a number, would be to program in a variable and then just update that variable. Probably use PHP to do this.

    For example, in the code for the page where the number appears, instead of hard coding the number, put code that pulls the variable from a different file, could be xls. Then you just update that xls and the new number appears.

    It would be easier with Wordpress though.
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    I'd imagine it'd be pretty easy to set-up a MYSQL database and a table, then go into a PHP page that will check for the email, and update the table based on the email's contents. From there, you could even make it check for the sender address.
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    I found the site but it is no longer a live site, quit working in Jan 2011 according to wayback machine. It was It did work, I used it. Wordpress prolly killed it.


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    As I said, it's probably done through a MYSQL database, where the email will update it, and the results will be displayed. I could be wrong, though.
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    It's a very slick service, however they act as a middle man. You send the updates to them, and they either host the content or ftp it to your site.
    What I would like to do is provide this type of updating myself. Has anyone seen or worked with updating of web pages by sending email ? flexwindow sounds like a nice idea however I am not comfortable with having my data/web updates pass through some 3rd party source.
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    You can create a custom PHP script do this. But I dont see the point,if you are willing to send an email then why not just update the page normally, thats just me though.
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    this service is mostly provided under wordpress and blogger..
    i think this is not perform on website.
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    The only way I can think to do this is to have a script or
    program monitoring that email address,
    checking it every once in a while for updates.
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