Should I sell this domain ?

by YongC
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A businessman asked to buy my domain for $1,200 and I'm wondering "should i sell it ? It's cheap or expensive ?" and i need ur advice, my alexa trafic is : 328,934

My domain is : CZO.ME - Community Zone

Thanks for help !
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    Are you making any money from your website as is? What do you bring in a month from it?
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    hmm it´s a good domain but only as a brand name, you can get a simelair one and you get 1k just go for the money
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    nice offer u have there, if u think u can't complete the social network, sell them!
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  • I think the price is reasonable.
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    i think what price is good, you can register something similar because it's just a brand able name nothing else.
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    If you're not making any money from it I would suggest selling it. That sounds like a good price. Make sure you do it through to minimize the chance of getting ripped off.

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    If you want to sell, you can negotiate with him a better deal.
    Make him an counter offer and negotiate your offer from there.

    If he just offered $1200 out of the blue, he is prepared to pay you more.
    if you accomplish to sell it, use an escrow service like The Godfather mentioned
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    I think you shouldn't sell it and let's develop social networks and if you can't complete it then sell it, it's not too late to sell 'cause you may know, that the older domain names are more valuable than the newer ones, because the big search engines favour the old domains. Also the organic traffic comes little by little because the from mouth to mouth effect works quite slowly.
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    Do little research about the name first "CZO" I just found forwarded to and run a search about the person who want to buy your domain try to find what does he want with the domain you might be able to get 10x of 1200$

    Good luck
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    If you have no real plans for it, then sell. try and negotiate for a better deal, but dont think the name is worth x amount because of one offer, and risk loosing the sale - It may only be worth that to that one individual.
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    Thanks for all advice, i'll try to build social network then seo it, if i can't then i'll sel it
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    It´s a good brand-name domain but unless you have the income to develop the full potential of the site, then take the money and move on to something else.
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    Keep it!!!

    Say it aloud.....

    Show me?

    Zhow me?

    Sounds good

    Don't let anyone tell you that .me is crap.

    I own several of them.
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    I would say, SELL the domain. You can always find another good domain for whatever you plan. If you let this offer pass, you might never get such a high price for the domain. You might want to cite the price of CZO.IN (listed for $4-5K) for negotiations. I once made a mistake of refusing a good offer for a domain. Later, I sold that domain with a good website for a lower price. If you decide to sell, make sure that the offer is from a genuine buyer. Take necessary precautions to avoid being cheated into buying a domain appraisal service or losing your domain.
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      Selling that domain must be a good idea! as its a dot me domain.

      I don't think it's really that brandable.
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    I think here's nothing to be worried. Just sell it. But if you think that you will be able to make a social networking site soon then i think you shouldn't sell it.
    But If you have no plan about this domain in soon. then No thinking, just sell it.
    I think everything will be ok..
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    I would be a little skeptical of why he would offer so much for a .me domain. Either he wants to rip you off or he has a lot of money, either way you should counter offer and see what you get.
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    Thanks all for help ! Can anyone tell me the truth price of my domain ?
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      Originally Posted by YongC View Post

      Thanks all for help ! Can anyone tell me the truth price of my domain ?
      True value of a domain is the price a buyer is willing to pay. Personally, I don't see much value in the domain. Could be useful to someone with a similar business name or something related. Did you manage to find if the offer was genuine?
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    Hi all,

    I have some single word premium domains. I want to sell them directly. I don't prefer any auction site or agents. Few domains are as follows:

    & more....kindly suggest & help me.....

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