I need your advice about my website design and content?

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Hey Guys and Gals, I'm starting a membership site basically for newbies who want to make money online by showing them how to flip websites.

In the membership area the member gets to download 2 templates a month and sell them or keep them and build them out. Now I'm not worried about the sites I sell as they always sell pretty good.

But I would like to know from you guys, what I should change or what you would like to see.

I'm only accepting 50 members and have decided that if anyone wants to join then they should simply sign up and I'll let them know when spaces are available. So I'm not putting to much pressure on the sales part. Right now I only have one member, my son! But I want to open the door to ten people next week so I can work together with them and go through any other problems before I continue letting more in and I'm also giving one membership away in July for free.

Basically I want my site to be helpful and by asking you guys what you think I can only make it better.

I want to make the front end helpful and full of content, tutorials and anything useful. Obviously this is going to take time and I am aware of that. But coming from a ecommerce, niche site background I'm not the worlds best blogger, in fact this is my first blog and writing is not really what I would call my strong point but at the same time I would prefer to be myself rather than let someone write for me. But maybe someone has a great idea of what they would like to see or think might help others!

Anyway I would be really chuffed if a few of you would take a peek and tell me what you think and what you would maybe add or remove.

The link is in my signature - Thank you!
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    The website design is good the blue color in logo and content a little bit darker will be better.
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    Very nice my friend. I think your site is definetely on trend, Well done!
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      I would suggest having the 'members get this' menu item background high-lighted like the home page link to make it more prominent.
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    You need someone like me to go through and fix the spelling and punctuation and grammatical errors you have in it.
    I personally think the headings are too big and in your face.
    The overall concept seems to be fairly good. It has a personality...if that was your aim, you succeeded but you do definitely need some help in fixing the errors. PM me if you want to discuss that.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Thanks everyone for taking a look, you're definitely right about the spelling and grammatical mistakes! I'm terrible because I write exactly how I speak. As for the large "in your face" titles, I kinda like them and think that it's different, but they might be a little too big...?
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    Great design. I wouldn't change anything.

    Good luck!
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    You site really look nice and very catchy. Good luck to your business my friend.
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    The site itself is a great concept. Its very clean, the layout is aesthetically pleasing. Very good use of color combination. Overall I liked the site. Best of luck.
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      I would shrink things and make a call to action one the first view of the page. Monitors are 1024 x 768 and so make your call to action to be viewable if the window size isn't full screen, somewhere in the top third. Some sites have the call to action 1/3 of the page - via a great graphic.

      The super tall fonts make me think it is 'too good to be true' so they would make me leave - watch your bounce rate.
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    Looks great, its the LightWP theme yea? The only thing from a marketing and UX perspective. if you have the cost on the front of the page on the right hand side which matches with a medium F Pattern.
    However, you should always say what you are offering to members, WHY they should sign up, and then a button there to go and see membership costs etc. You will find that your conversion rate will increase because you wont get the people going "Well, I don't know what they're going to give me, but $47 a month for what I assume 500k different free blogs are telling me already anyway?"

    A testimonial somewhere would also be advantageous. And if you're going to pair this up with your own name, then you need to establish who you are to the potential client right on the front page, either a metric to the success you've had yourself, if you're bringing across the tips and tricks that generally cost $300 per hour, its written by someone with a consulting background in fortune 500s etc, then you need to be putting these in to inflate the perception of worth. Because as soon as you make the site personal like that, you want the potential members to turn around and say, "Wow, this guys done amazing, this product will make me like this guy?"
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    Man that is an awesome website! I love all the colors and the simplicity of the layout. I think you will get a lot of interested customers from this! Good job!
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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      I like the overall design! The colors are nice.

      The only suggestion I have is to choose a font for the headings that isn't all caps. This will improve readability for your visitors. You might also increase the spacing to give the headings a little extra room.
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    I love the overall design including color combinations. But, just my two cents, (please do not be angry ) I find a contradiction in about me page, your header image gives the impression of a cheerful picture while your photo, in my opinion is too seriously. sorry...
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    Thanks for the really honest and GREAT opinions, asking does help because I see some real useful tips in the remarks and lots of positivity so PLEASE keep telling me your thoughts and help me make a perfect site! A big thanks so far though to everyone who has taken the time to do a review!
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    Great design and very good content.For now I don't think there are too many changes to be made
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    The Impact Font on your headlines for your articles have some readibility problems, all caps and how big they are make them feel more like a giant black block rather than text. I have to really spend time looking at them to discern what they say. Something that isn't all caps would probably be a good start for making the headlines more readable.

    Also the two icons on the right of your header should be clickable (The 100% Free Information And $47 A Month Icons), I immediately tried to click on both of them when I loaded the page, and I usually have a pretty good instinct on what people like to click on on my pages, so you should consider them going somewhere to help you sell your site a little more!
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    Great site, but would have to agree with LaurenceWins - the spelling and grammar mistakes need to be ironed out so you don't put off stupidly picky people like myself that will cringe at the mis-spelling of "definitely" in the speech bubble (which I love by the way - it makes it all seem really fun and makes me want to read on...!)

    Overall, great layout and a very likeable site!
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    Thanks Elle you're exactly right I need to get those mistakes fixed, it's crazy my mother is a writer and an English teacher, lol! I always outsource my articles but with this site I want to be me and help anyone if I can, that's why I've decided to write them myself. I've been living in foreign countries since I left school and almost forgot how to even speak English at one point because I never used it! Which is a real trip because I'm missing simple words like "Aunty or Auntie?" I have no idea which one is right! lol It's crazy
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    Hi, you really have a very amazing website however, adding a pleasant and simple background color will do just fine (If you wish to make it even better)! And concerning the navigation part, scrolling is bit of an issue that can be sorted by adjusting the text size a bit. We all are in a hurry nowadays, which is why sparing time for exploring a website may be like asking too much from a potential visitor. And ofcourse, you need to work on the grammar and punctuation part, if you wish to make an impact on the professional front! Hope this helps
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    Very fresh and fun design, I really like it.

    If you want to improve something, I would suggest working a bit on the sidebar, and the text below your logo, which is harder to read than it should.

    Other than that, I have nothing to say. You have done an excellent job
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    I just went through a few articles with my mother who is a writer and an English teacher, OMG, how embarrassing! haha I have so much to say but my writing is terrible! Who's going to teach me how to write!?
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    I found some mistakes in your texts but the rest is pretty nice!! Good work!
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    Your site is simply super.. good idea.. but there is nothing in Tools menu...?
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    Hey Marc,

    Here's my feedback:

    1) Remove the exclamation marks after business. It'll look a lot sharper, and these !!! always freak people out.

    2) I'd have the main banner be more dynamic. My advice: Have the avatar say different things with each slide. He should have a speech bubble saying that 100% Profit, and how many available spots.

    3) Take the as seen off the banner. It's a little cheesy, and instead flaunt it on top under nav bar. On the right side, you have quite some room for them.

    4) Instead of using the home page for the blog roll, i'd limit it to two- three articles, and instead present the websites that sold. It will smack people right in the face, and show that it works. It took me a few min to find exactly what the hell was going on.

    5) The sold icons are cute, but it looks messy when they are doubled. There should only be one on every right of each top.

    Hope this helps.

    I'm a web junkie! I love web design, web marketing, seo, affiliate marketing, and social media!

    I'm always here to help! email me or PM me!

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    Great design (Y)

    The Elevator to Success is broken.Kindly use stairs ;)

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    Site made by a professional. Keep up the good work
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