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Admin's sticky post in this forum:
Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your questions.
In the spirit of the sticky posted by Allen (the owner of Warrior Forum) here are some guidelines for posting in this forum:


a) offer your knowledge and expertise in the area of web design
b) give help for free and in public; i.e. here in the forum (exception could be when the original poster doesn't want to reveal the site's address and gives you the info in private)
c) ask questions related to web design, including questions related to WordPress themes, HTML, CSS etc.

You Should NOT:
1. pimp your paid services when replying to questions (your post will be deleted)
2. reply to a question just to point to your sig file with a related paid service (post will be deleted)
3. start "articles" about web design (post in the appropriate section: Articles; otherwise will be deleted)
4. ask the original poster to contact you in private for a paid offer (will be deleted)
5. make nonsense one-liner spam posts (they will be deleted)
6. dig up weeks/months old threads to add your "nice job" line

Once again: DON'T DO any of those listed above #1-6


A few common sense advice:

- There are legitimate sections in the Warrior Forum where you can promote your services. Use them!
- If a question has already been answered by several members, don't post the same answer again!
- Ask concrete, targeted questions about the issue you are struggling with! (Don't start questions like "What is web design" or "Which design software")
- "good site, keep it up" is NOT a review... but it will attract attention to your other posts, too!

Articles, self-promotion and posts not contributing to the topic will be deleted. If you spam you may risk ALL your posts getting deleted!

Please, help to make this specialized sub-forum a place for genuine help!

UPDATE: It's unbelievable but there are idiots that would post a one-liner spam right below this guide...

UPDATE 2: Don't be an idiot: if you claim to have a "web design" company/business - do NOT ask for a review of your webdesign business website! It is not a request for review, it is a shameless self-pimping and it will be treated accordingly (=deleted).

UPDATE 3: Reminder - this is NOT a "teach me webdesign" forum... it is a marketers' forum helping IMers with minor webdesign questions.
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