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Types of Logo

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Posted 23rd February 2012 at 09:41 PM by Daniel Evans
Updated 27th May 2019 at 12:24 PM by Daniel Evans

When you have your logo designed, or design it yourself, it's important to consider the type of logo that is appropriate for your business.

We can break down logo types into the following categories:

Iconic Logos

This type of logo features the logo text (your personal / company name and a complimentary emblem usualy displayed at the left or above the logo text. This type of design is particularly suited to those who wish to brand without it's associated text. You may for instance wish to display an attractive picture throughout your website elements to build brand awaraness without having to advertise your company name in every instance. Examples of iconic logos include Pepsi, Adobe and Adidas.

Enclosure Logos

An enclosure logo is one that features text and a picture (or any of the two) contained with a tidy badge shape. This type of logo is useful for those who wish to advertise the company name / brand in a visually pleasing manner which can also be easily and neatly applied to a wide range of applications. Examples of enclosure logos include Starbucks, NBA and Burger King.

Incorporated Logos

An incorporated logo features text with a prominent logo picture / icon embedded within. A "O" for instance in the company name "Solar" might feature a glowing sun or the "i" in the word "idea" might be portrayed by a figure with a lightbulb above their head.

Type Logos

A type logo is useful to place emphasis on the company name rather than distract with both text and a picture. Text logos are usually primative in form although some can be very decorative with highlighted text features. Custom type logos usually have their characters drawn from scratch - sometimes handwritted, or they are heavily modified versions of existing fonts. It is common for large corporations to have text drawn from scratch to establish uniqueness. Examples of text based logos include Coca-Cola, IBM and Sony.
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