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Posted 11th October 2011 at 07:42 AM by Gill

I travelled to Dubai recently for a week of sun however mostly for some rest and relaxation.

The minute we got off our plane to the moment we left was fantastic, however we had one experience which really made me wonder why do some sellers get it so wrong even in this day and age?

My eldest daughter was promised a new watch - it had to be a specific colour and like the UK singer Jesse J's!!!!!

On holiday we took a trip to Dubai mall - a huge shopping centre - where we attempted to find a watch that fitted the bill.

After a lot of window shopping and purchases for everything except a watch we were about to leave (minus the watch), when I spotted a small watch shop near the exit.

We wandered in and a very helpful assistant showed us "THE WATCH" - Pink and apparently like Jesse J's (please note I have no idea what Jesse J's watch looks like!) so I told the man I wanted to buy it.

Once we had agreed a reasonable price - less than on the price sticker - I handed my amex card to make the payment. The shop owner sitting at the till (who quite frankly didn't even acknowledge we were about to make a purchase ) mumbled "we do not take amex."

I had noted the amex sign on the card reader so challenged them and they finally admitted amex charge them too much!!!

As the customer I was confused - Here I am, arms stretched out with payment card in my hand, ready to hand over hard earned cash to a shop that takes Amex yet all of a sudden they don't take it!

I was struggling to get the watch so I tried the use my mastercard however their machine crashed. "Enough!" I thought - trust is gone here and I was suspicious of the fuss around payment.

We left - minus the watch - and glad we had not made the purchase as on our return, at the duty free shop in the airport we got the watch for almost 40% cheaper and with excellent service and YES they took Amex.

As the song lyrics go

"where the sale come first and the truth comes second"

Truer words never spoken (or sung) and Jesse's lyrics arebang on in my scenario!

My point today is this:

If you want to make money you need to make it as easy as possible for your customer to pay you.

In fact it has to be the part of the customer experience that is hardly even noticed.

I was furious with the shop owner as not only did he immediately make me suspicious of his payment technology he was also rude and arrogant and totally switched me off to ever revisiting or recommending the shop.

The helpful assistant was also furious with the owner as he would be losing out on his commission too.

All in all everyone lost out on that day - them more than us.

If you are going to make it complex or time consuming for customers to get their hands on your product they will lose faith and likely cancel any transaction.

You also should not over emphasize payment terms either. At the end of the day they want the product NOT your issues with technology or how you need to be paid.

On many IM products the price tag is used to encourage the customer to buy quickly however all too often the regularity of the price tag and cheapness is more prevalent that the content and the benefits of what is being bought. BIG MISTAKE!

If you have a solid product people will pay. Remember too not everyone wants your products for free. (See yesterdays blog for more on that topic.)


Keep your customer feeling like a customer and a happy one at that and you will enjoy many happy 'returns' with this work ethic!

Cha-ching, cha-ching!
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