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: [UNCOVERED] IFTTT Backlink Commando

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Posted 29th December 2014 at 01:55 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 26th April 2015 at 12:03 AM by humbledmarket

Todd Gross is at it again! The weatherman turn pro-marketer who’s infamous for several internet marketing tools that have absolutely ROCKED the internet marketing community. He’s known for VideoMakerFX and Explaindio Video Creator (Todd and his team).
[[B][URL=""][U]IFTTT Backlink Commando[/U][/URL][/B] – Click for Important IFTTT Backlink Commando Bonuses & how to use Backlink Commando!]

Now, Todd Gross is back with a trio of SEO experts to release the [U]IFTTT Backlink Commando[/U]. Backlink Commando has been released December 28, 2014 and it has already been going like hot cakes – over 500 copies have been snapped up (so I’m not too sure how long their current sale will last).

Is it really worth all the hype? Does it help you rank your websites? We’re here to find out on this blog post!

[B][U]What is IFTTT Backlink Commando?[/U][/B]
It’s a powerful, automated backlink builder unlike many others on the market. It’s designed to help you SEO Youtube videos and your websites (Both tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks - important with today's SEO landscape). Having a good knowledge of IFTTT backlink commando strategies, these strategies seem to be VERY effective and natural.

IFTTT Backlink Commando is a set of 5 SEO strategies which has been tested and specially crafted by Anthony and his team. You can now build backlinks and social links automatically in only two clicks, it makes links that you might create manually. The tool is a highly specialized SEO software to build both tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks.

Perhaps what I like best about IFTTT BC is the guarantee of future updates and support with NO recurring subscription payments like most other SEO software.

With the tool, you can build UNLIMITED amount of quality backlinks and setup your own High PR Tumblr blog network (and we all know that High PR Blog networks are POWERFUL currently).

IFTTT BC is the brainchild of SEO expert Anthony Hanes partnered with Todd Gross and two other internet marketing figures, Craig Crawford and Robert Philips. Personally, Whenever I look at any internet marketing products, the people behind it is equally as important as the product. What this means is you can expect excellent product quality (as we can derive from Todd) and support/updates.

[B][U]How does Backlink Commando works?[/U][/B]
Backlink Commando lets you utilize a FREE web software known as [URL=""]IFTTT [/URL]to build backlinks for you. Backlink Commando will help you create IFTTT accounts and implement tested SEO strategies that you IFTTT can execute. What this means for you is added reliability, efficiency, and time savings. This is a professional web software you're turning into your personal backlink building machine.

Effectively, you’re using a powerful online tool to build your backlinks for you. Adding to this, you’re riding on the experience of SEO experts to graph your effective link campaigns creatively that you can customize to build a bunch of proven tier 1 and tier 2 links on demand. This means the experience of SEO experts and the uniqueness in link campaigns.

In summary, IFTTT Backlink Commando only requires two steps:
(1) [B]Select the # of IFTTT accounts you want to create[/B]: Creating accounts on IFTTT can be a very tedious and lengthy process. You need these accounts to create your backlinks. Backlink Commando has a build in account creator specially for IFTTT to create your accounts automatically. You simply set the # of accounts you want to create from 1 to 1000 and let the software do it’s work. This means that the setup work is significantly faster and hands free! (You can use proxies with IFTTT Backlink Commando)
(2) [B]Set up your created accounts[/B]: Fill in some basic information into your IFTTT account and you’re ready to build links on automation. Now it’s as simple as selecting your strategy and the software will help you build those links. You can even syndicate content from authority sites for your backlinks. This means that you can customize your links and make your campaigns unique again and again without worrying about content creator.

The software has five (+1 Bonus) backlink strategies at your disposal:
(1) [B]Youtube Blogger Strategy[/B] – great for building powerful backlinks to your Youtube videos and ranking those videos. Maximum impact and power with blog backlinks and social backlinks.

(2) [B]Youtube Authority Backlinks[/B] – Set up your Youtube accounts with this social campaign . One you can only use this strategy once per account, it's effective step in any account set-up. As you may know, your Youtube account will play a role in your video rankings; now, you can establish your account authority with channel views and page authority through IFTTT Backlink Commando.

(3) [B]WP Blogger strategy[/B] – EXCELLENT strategy for your WordPress and blogger tier 1 backlinks. This is basically a social software in itself.

You can create as many social accounts to share your websites on social media/bookmarking sites! I really like this strategy because I know the importance and value of these social links and with IFTTT Backlink commando you can create as many of these accounts. You can set up these account for your benefit in the long run!

(4) [B]Tumblr power feed Strategy[/B] – This is effectively the High PR backlinks network. Tumblr is known for it’s high DA and there are many tumblr blogs with High PR that you can acquire and use for your link building CHEAPLY. Importantly, these links WORKS; they can be as effective as private high PR blog backlinks at a fraction of your cost. Use IFTTT BC to set up these blog networks to use when you want!

(5)[B] Blogger feed strategy[/B] – The blogger feed strategy is equally as powerful as tumblr power feed strategy. You can use these blog links to BOOST your money site on the Google SERPs.

The wonderful thing about the IFTTT backlink commando is the increasing value from increased usage. Once you set up these accounts on IFTTT, you can continue to use them and build backlinks on to sites again and again on demand! Many of these strategies can be re-played over and over to continually build quality links to your websites.

[B][U]Who is IFTTT Backlink Commando for?[/U][/B]
[B]SEO Consultants[/B] – If you do SEO, Backlink Commando is a simple and highly effective tool to accelerate your work. It saves you time while building high quality backlinks. In my personal opinion, IFTTT acts as three SEO software in one (social links, blog networks, youtube links) all with a content syndication for ease.

Many know that SEO isn’t about the latest new trend, despite all these algorithm changes…backlinks are still crucial to search engine rankings.
You need high quality, authority backlinks, the type that IFTTT Backlink Commando can help you build if used rightly. IFTTT will be a significant time saver.

[B]Offline Consultants[/B] – If you do offline consulting for small to medium businesses you may choose to use the software to offer your clients SEO backlinks to get them more web visibility. You can now set up these accounts and keep running it for your new clients within minutes after the initial set-up.

What I like about Anthony Hanes and Todd Gross is the training and support they are providing with it.
It’ll be effective for ranking local websites in itself when done right (you have all you need with contextual links and social links). This can mean extra revenue. If you set up these accounts, all you need to do is run the software when you want to build the links. Imagine spending 5 minutes of time for a bigger paycheck and a happier client when you get their website more traffic with IFTTT backlink commando.

[B]Affiliate Marketers[/B]¬ – It’s true, Affiliate marketers like SEO traffic because search engine traffic are excellent quality traffic. You can get these search engine traffic either by PPC (pay per click) or by ranking on search engines.

Use IFTTT to help with your affiliate SEO (If you remember Source Wave SEO, Graham was making $100k with affiliate SEO). Use IFTTT for ranking your properties on search engine to get traffic relatively passively. Imagine setting up these campaigns and ranking your affiliate websites on Google for traffic month by month?

[B]Sell SEO Services[/B] - As an internet marketer you can use IFTTT backlink commando to build social backlinks or tier 1/tier 2 backlinks and sell these services on Fiverr or WF? These are quality backlinks that people would be interested in buying; you’ve seen some of those gigs on Fiverr with 1000s of sales…not to mention it’s excellent for building quality leads.
High PR Blog links and social links are in high demand. With the Backlink Commando you may set up these links simply by running the software after the initial account creation with IFTTT.

Finally internet marketers in general may appreciate the software being delivered by Todd Gross and the trio once again. Todd Gross has consistently released top of the line products for the internet marketing community that is renowned for efficiency and convenience. IFTTT backlink commando isn’t any different; you can expect excellent support and multi-use. This time Todd is making link building and promotions easier.

I am excited to see what else will be coming with IFTTT Backlink Commando. Don't forget to read our bonuses being offered here.

Please share your comments and experience about Backlink commando in the comments bellow! If you're looking for a SEO software, I highly recommend you consider checking out Todd Gross's latest software.

[B]UPDATE January 3, 2015[/B]: A new SEO tool is being released called [URL=""]Crowd Search[/URL] that emphasizes on improving your website dwell time. This will help your IFTTT Backlink Commando usage and results significantly. I highly recommend you read our blog post on Crowd Search above.
[B]UPDATE April 25, 2015[/B]: [URL=""]Video Motion Pro[/URL] has been released by Josh. It's a tool to help you make video editing easy. You can use VideoMotionPro to edit your sales videos with an outro call to action too. If your website is making use of video content marketing (which it should) then you would be interested in this.
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