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[UNCOVERED] Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)

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Posted 15th January 2015 at 07:53 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 15th May 2015 at 10:59 PM by humbledmarket (More information added about SuperaffiliateMachine (SAM))

Dear Warriors,

Super Affiliate Machine is launching publicly on January 20, 2015. Find out what you should know about SAM in this WF blog post and our WF thread.
[[B][URL=""]Super Affiliate Machine[/URL][/B] - SAM bonuses & how to use SuperAffiliateMachine]

[U][B]What is Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)[/B][/U]:
SuperAffiliateMachine otherwise known as SAM is an affiliate website builder. It was designed base on the “blue print” guide released by Austin Anthony of APC. APC and APC Reloaded is a WSO which has helped many warriors and new internet marketers build affiliate sites which have generated income monthly. (advertised as $500-$2000/month for these affiliate marketing websites)

The Super Affiliate Machine is based largely off what was taught in the guide; Austin partnered with expert developer Mo Taqi (also known for his involvement with helping in SeNukeX). The two really tried to bring out the best affiliate website builder you may find added with Devin Zander on the team.

How does Super Affiliate Machine Works:
(1) [B]Finding an affiliate offer[/B] – SAM has built in 8 affiliate networks that you can use to find an offer you’d like to promote on these networks. It makes your work so much easier when you can access everything on one site.

(2) [B]Doing your Keyword Research[/B] – SuperAffiliateMachine can then help you with your keyword research. You don’t want to miss this as I have taken hours doing keyword research for sites (the hardest part is competition checking and the notepad type-in. Still do this manually lol)

Thankfully Super Affiliate Machine can help you find and determine the keyword competition so you can choose the right keywords to pursue. Keywords are critically important to any affiliate SEO campaign and especially important for affiliate marketing sites. Having a tool like SAM to help you with your keyword research will significantly reduce your work load and improve your possibility of a successful micro niche site.

(3) [B]Domain Finding[/B] – Next, your pal SAM (SuperAffiliateMachine) will even help you with the process of finding the right domain to use. It’ll search up expired or available EMD domains so you can build onto the authority of expired domains or get the marginal (and I mean REALLY Marginal) benefit of using an EMD domain.

(4) [B]Website setup[/B] – SAM can even help you to register the domain within the one panel and then set up a WordPress site. There is no messy coding or inconvenient third party scripts to work with.

(5) [B]Content Management & Creation[/B] – Super Affiliate Machine is more than most affiliate website builders; you don’t only get a fully search engine optimized website but it also has a feature that allows you to generate content. Now, I have to say that the content isn’t anything superb, actually it’s very much like spun content. Yet, the real value I see is the opportunity to add your own content easily and curate relevant videos, images, and interlink your articles with a click on the SuperAffiliateMachine(SAM) network effortlessly. This provides you with options and convenience.

(6) [B]SEO Audit[/B] – SuperAffiliateMachine (SAM) not only has a good keyword competition analysis tool but it can even help you with a website SEO audit. Make sure you have a SEO friendly website using SAM. Basically the SuperAffiliateMachine tool can help you make your website easier to rank on search engines too.

(7) [B]Automated SEO[/B] – SAM even helps you with some of the website SEO using it’s unique SEO approach. They apparently use a secret recipe in their rank boosting technology; basically SuperAffiliateMachine also helps you with ranking your website.
Effectively, it’s an all in one affiliate website builder that helps you from research, development, to promoting your websites with the intention to generate revenue.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the extensive list of A-Z features that you would need when setting up an affiliate website. Perhaps though more importantly, is the convenience of having everything all on one platform guided through step by step.

Effectively, with SAM you’re skipping a lot of the learning curves to setting up affiliate marketing sites. Affiliate website builder such as SuperAffiliateMachine goes beyond helping you learn how to build affiliate marketing websites, you’re being guided through step by step.

[B][U]Who is SuperAffiliateMachine for?[/U][/B]
[B]New internet marketers [/B]– Super Affiliate Machine is probably a good fit for new internet marketers looking for a done for you solution. The affiliate website builder can guide you through all on one platform and have you set up with a search engine optimized affiliate marketing website that has been designed to work effectively. SuperAffiliateMachine (SAM) also has an optional tutorial upgrade that will be very useful for new internet marketers. Hand holding

[B]Affiliate marketers[/B] – Current affiliate marketers can also find a competitive edge with SuperAffiliateMachine (SAM). The APC guide was highly acclaimed for the amount of reviews that was received sharing about the results from these micro niche sites shown in APC. Many people were reporting making sales within the first week. Now SAM is designed to help you by automating the process of setting up these sites which have been highly profitable for many in the past. Proven technique

[B]Niche website owners[/B] – Next, people who already own a few affiliate marketing websites may benefit from Super Affiliate Machine. The nice thing about the SuperAffiliateMachine tool is that it makes the technique very scalable since the tool helps you find open niches, gem keywords, and good domains to use. Scalable

[B]Blog Network owners [/B]– Blog Network owners may find that SAM can be useful to help expand your network and build more sites quickly. The took works very well to create these affiliate marketing websites in under an hour with most cases.


[B]Intelliplayer Update (May 7, 2015)[/B]: Be sure to check out our latest [URL=""]Intelliplayer blog post[/URL] to learn more about how you can use their WordPress plug-in to make your Super Affiliate Machine...more super? Seriously, Intelliplayer can help you make more leads and profit from your current videos with a customized video controller. Learn more about it here.
[B]VideoMakerFX (May 15, 2015)[/B]: This powerful whiteboard animation tool can help you create videos for Super Affiliate Machine automated functions. This [URL=""]Video Maker FX[/URL] press release explores more about the who, what when of VideoMakerFX
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    Super Affiliate Machine wasn't as great as they made it out to be although a good alternative is [B][URL=""]WP Dollar[/URL][/B]. WP Dollar may not do what SAM does with the link building although it does help you create optimized Amazon affiliate WordPress sites that are already monetized for you to profit. It's a matter of adding some SEO service or generating traffic in other methods to make some commissions on Amazon. The nice thing about WP Dollar is that they remove the guess work by having the plugin do the work for you of setting up these Amazon sites.
    Posted 19th March 2015 at 08:45 PM by humbledmarket humbledmarket is offline

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