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Time Freedom

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Posted 12th January 2009 at 09:43 PM by jwhagarty

What is the number one reason why I love working from home? Time freedom. I get up when I want, have breakfast when I want, golf when I want, and work when I want. It’s awesome.

We don’t go to bed until 1:30 AM most nights.
We stay up late, have fun, watch some DVDs and relax.

I get up when I’m good and ready, and not before. Most days its around 10 or 11 AM. We have breakfast, spend time with our kittens, have our coffee and tea, ease into the day. If we feel like going out to have fun, we go out and have fun. If we feel like working we work.

We get our exercise early some days. We like going to the gym in the evening around 7 PM. I like to swim, we go to yoga class, baby likes to climb the treadmill, we use the weight room.

We have dinner when we want to, usually around 9:30 or 10 o’clock at night. Then we go back to work for awhile. Sometimes for a long while. We work hard. We don’t punch a time clock every day, we don’t wait for pay day, and we don’t have bosses.

Maybe this schedule wouldn’t work for you, but it works great for us.

What schedule would work best for you? Are you a morning person? Do you like to get up before dawn, enjoy your solitude, work mid morning then take the afternoon off? Are you a night owl? Like to get up as the sun goes down, work and play until dawn, then sleep all day? Do like to take naps, sleep an hour or two here or there? Do you want to be able to “call in sick” on a sunny day and go to the park? Or even just goof off on a rainy day and play video games for hours?

Working from home takes focus, dedication, and hard work, but it offers more time freedom than you ever imagined.

I love it!
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