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I am excited today for my first small victory!

I have patiently studied advice on the warrior forum prior to starting my website so I would start with a good plan. Then for the past ~1 week I diligently built my website, continued to add content and started working on back links, trusting in my plan, knowing I will not see traffic or results for a while.

Of course there is always that lingering doubt in the back of your head that your site will never rank for the keywords and the game plan will just fall apart. However... checking my analytics this afternoon I saw I just got my first hit of traffic from Google's search engine!

Though it is an incredibly simple milestone, I am thrilled to be in the game and have a small amount of confirmation of my efforts!

Next milestone: My first commission.
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    Hey Oct,

    Great for you. You have to start somewhere.

    Stay committed for the long haul and you will go places,

    no doubt.

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    Well done Oct, you've already passed about 90% of marketers - why do you ask?

    Because, you took action.

    Continue doing what you're doing and don't give up and I can guarantee that one day you will be successful.
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      Originally Posted by ryanmilligan View Post

      Well done Oct, you've already passed about 90% of marketers - why do you ask?

      Because, you took action.

      Continue doing what you're doing and don't give up and I can guarantee that one day you will be successful.
      I keep that phrase constantly in my head. I find I spend a lot of time reading these forums or daydreaming about the website, but I realize that doesn't accomplish anything. So I remind myself to TAKE ACTION. I then force myself to pump out a blog post, do some backlinking or just improve the site somehow.

      I'm putting up a sign on my door that says, "See it through". So I am constantly reminded of my determination not to give up until I completely see my entire gameplan through.
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    Congrats... may you have many more victories in the future. This is just the beginning.
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      Congratulations. Taking action is the most important part and you have certainly done that.
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    Well done, things do start small and i hope they take off for you.

    Samantha Briggs
    Join me at the A TEAM

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    Well done! Checking analytics at the beginning of a campaign sometimes is disheartening specially if there are no visits after a month or so and you see that bounce rate at a 100% I know, I've given up on good campaigns a number of times because I lost hope.

    Keep on and I'm sure you'll achieve success.

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    congratulations! That is a great milestone. Getting traffic from Google search engine is a great accomplishment in such a short time. Many people do not get search engine traffic for a long time.

    If you will continue your work as you are doing now more traffic will come and with that will come your earnings.

    Just make sure your site is engaging and interesting and your visitors stay on for a while. As they will begin to trust you they will want to buy from you.

    Best of luck.

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    ha ha, awesome...

    wait till you get your first commision, you'll jump around like a little kid

    I did!

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    Here's to more victories! Plan out your next steps and stick to them. Make it fun too - this stuff can be frustrating sometimes but if you take a step back and learn to enjoy it, it can be -- dare I say -- entertaining.

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    Scale up your seo campaign and find other ways to get traffic. Don't rely solely on Google. I think you're on the right path.
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    My pages are now getting picked up for more and more search phrases, which is great! Each day I am excited to see the new search terms people are finding my page through. I am already getting more traffic than I anticipated this early on.

    Today I even had someone click through my affiliate link for the first time! It didn't convert into a sale, but as long as that keeps happening I know that will come!

    Thanks for the encouragement.
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    Congrats, man. Keep your spirits up. Also, make sure you keep checking your stats. It may yield low competition decent traffic keywords so make sure to always use Google's keyword tool to check out the search terms you're getting traffic for. There just might be gems there.
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    Congratulation. Keep working hard
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    I'm glad you are doing a great job. I still remember the thrill I had when I got my first subscriber and also my first sale online. It just boosts your confidence 1000000x!!!
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    This is great. Congratulations. Now you need to keep doing this and do not stop to see more and more traffic coming your way.
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    The good thing here is that you have fixed your milestones in some very small steps. It will really make your task easier. I hope you will post another thread here about your first commission soon.
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    Great going Octang - you have proven yourself to be an action taker. Definitely one of the most important traits a successful IMer needs.

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