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Hi all, hope you are all having a nice weekend so far! I have a question regarding sitemap and page indexing that I need some guidance with.

I have a client who recently had a website restructure and I am finding the domain structure a little unusual, for example:

When I check out the WordPress structure I can see that each of the above is it own page with /about-us/ being the parent and all the others being the child.

I guess the way the site is coded is that the parent page sucks in all the childs pages/content so everything appears on /about-us/

The thing I am questioning is that these child pages are showing in the websites sitemap. Is this OK or can it cause indexing/ranking issues for any reasons?

Any advice would be kindly appreciated.
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    Strange that the pages are all children of the about us page. I would look at each individual page and check the "Page Attributes" on the right side of WP page editor and insure that the "parent" attribute is listed as "no parent". No reason to lose SEO juice ebcause of a pge set up error. Once checked, resubmit the site map and see what happens.
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    Thanks bud, yes that's what I thought. I believe the way the current site is coded that the main page needs the child pages to make up the page. The page is split into sections (each child page) with a read more link that once clicked reveals the content of the child page. Unusual right?
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