How much time do you spend finding relevant content to post on social media?

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I'm curious to know how much time is spent on finding content to regularly post on social media? It's important but a tedious process...
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    Finding? Or creating? Put your time into creation.

    - Tom

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    Use a service that curates the best content for shouldn't have to spend anytime on it
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    You have to make a unique content .so depends upon your speed how to find out content for a site.
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    Basically it depends because sometimes it take like all the day or more...
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    It mainly depends on how fast you can come up with content. However, if you got the money, then you can hire someone who can give you good quality content.

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    I spend about 2 hours a every few days to post on my accounts that aren't automated, I use twitter searches to discover content.
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    Thanks for the input everyone. I recently started using this tool. It's working out pretty good, I'll update how it goes!
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    It depends on how fast you create the content. You also can hire someone to write for you.
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    The difficulty of finding relevant content depends on the kind of business you have. If you're in the food industry, this is easy. If you are in a niche industry this might take longer. On average, virtual assistants hired as social media managers will usually spend around an hour finding and writing relevant content for 15 posts.
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    Depends. Are you doing it manually or it is automated? Automation will save you time. There are quite a number of tools you can use to curate content. See this article for a few good ones
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    It is totally depends on what post you are posting...if you want to post a good/useful content then it may take time...
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    When it comes to creating, it depends on the social media channel. With Twitter and Instagram, you may not need as much time as Facebook or Google+ due to the nature of the posts.

    When it comes to finding and sharing, I don't spend a ton of time here. I look for a few good, relevant articles and add them to my scheduling app. I try to do about a 50/50 ratio between my own posts and posts from others.

    Hope this helps!

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Time depends on your content only...if you take a good content then it will take time only....
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    The time depends according to our choice of choosing the content..
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    if you are finding/looking for a content then it would certainly not take too much time as creating one.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Finding content is easy once you get the hang of it, meanwhile copyrighting it for use or infringement rights issues is another thing.
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