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How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

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Posted 15th April 2013 at 12:38 PM by anthonymorrison

We no longer live in a world where you can simply sweep bad reviews and customer complaints under carpet. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, we live in an era where anyone can say anything about any big or small name. Managing online reputation is becoming first priority of wise business owners. On other hand, some people still think that by not setting a facebook page or twitter profile they can curb bad reviews.

What they don't understand is the fact, if they do not provide a platform of their own, customers will go and post reviews on more vital public platforms. The bottom line of this entire debate is that you cannot restrict bad reviews. They are there, to haunt your reputation. Anthony Morrison suggests that you must understand importance of dealing with these negative reviews.

Anthony Morrison is an internet marketer. He has been working in the field of internet marketing since his college life. He has written New York Times bestselling books and has designed special courses to help novice and aspirants.

Negative Reviews Never Go Away:
If you think that with time these reviews will be removed or at least piled down fewer than thousands of Google SERP, think again. Type name of your company in search engine and you will be quite amazed to see negative as well as positive reviews, comments and stories still coming on the surface of first four Google SERP, even after several years.

Avoiding any complaint is not a solution to the problem. In fact, if you did not answer to any customer complain, it will give an impression of an irresponsible, immature and careless owner who does not take his customers in to consideration.
Number one rule of dealing with negative online reviews is to answer them on time.

Number two rule is to promptly answer any query.
Number three rule is to set up Google alerts.

Google Alerts:
A quick and easy way to remain updated regarding reputation of your company is to activate Google alerts. These alerts provide you instant information in the form of notification as soon as there is something (negative as well as positive) posted online. You have to provide your name, company's name and your email address.

Whenever any of these are mentioned anywhere on web, Google will send you instant notification. With the help of Google alerts, you can answer these queries and reviews as swiftly as you want.

Debates and Counter Accusations:
Debates and counter accusations will do more harm than good. When a customer complains about your product service or any worker, there are 80% chances that something is wrong on your side. Instead of involving in debates, show sympathy towards customer.

Example of Expected Responses:
You cannot avoid bad reviews, you cannot hide bad reviews, and recommended option is to answer them.
  • If the customer is complaining about any service, answer with sympathy and empathy.
We are sorry for the disappointment/delay/frustration/inconvenience you faced. We can offer you a replacement/compensation for the widget/product. Contact us on _____ so that we can further discuss the options.
  • If a previous deal did not work and the customer is still complaining on different forums, answer in following format:
We apologize that your last transaction did not work with us. We have already discussed available options to compensate for the inconvenience/frustration/disappointment. It is unfortunate that we could not resolve the issue, but the options are still open. We will be very happy to discuss all the options with you. If you are willing please contact us _____"

Internet Trolls:
Not all of the complaints are genuine. You will often encounter internet trolls whose hobby is to involve in baseless online debates with individuals and companies. Internet audience can easily distinguish a troll. However, you must never lose patience. Stay calm and address all issues swiftly.
Negative reviews also act as an impression, viewer will check for your response. The review does count, but how you responded to the review and to concern of the customer, is more important and determining.

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