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[UNCOVERED] Blog Defender 3 – Protect WordPress from Hackers

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Posted 5th May 2015 at 10:46 PM by humbledmarket

In case you were unfamiliar, Blog Defender V3 (the latest version of BD), was released by Matt Garrett about 2 weeks ago on April 22, 2015. Having managed a few WordPress sites myself I understand the hassle and the high opportunity costs that comes with getting your website hacked. Yet, it isn’t very uncommon either…in fact if you use WordPress without any security plug-in you can almost guarantee at some time your website will be spammed or hacked.

This happened to us several years back without Blog Defender and it was a HUGE hassle. Not only did we lose our rankings, we had our website flagged. Imagine the amount of work we put into developing (& hiring) quality content and promoting our website then being trashed because some hacker decided to use our website traffic by placing a malicious code into a vulnerability on our site. Ever since then, we’ve made sure to install a security plug-in to EACH WordPress installation because the risks and costs (WHEN, not if your site is hacked) is too high without it! No one likes to lose all their work and effort in a day.

Blog Defender is intended to safe-guard your WordPress site from loss revenues & time by keeping hackers out (it does a good job but as we’ve seen in recent times, not 100% guaranteed because even State department and FBI sites can be hacked. You should be assured however that Blog Defender keeps the average hackers out – the current security plugin we use have sufficely protected our sites till now and Blog Defender is even better).

Version 3 ensures everything is up to date with WordPress and the latest “nasty super powered botnets”. In this blog post, we hope to address (1) What is Blog Defender (2) Who is Blog Defender for (3) How does Blog Defender work.

[B][U]What is Blog Defender?[/U][/B]
As indicated earlier, BD is a WordPress security software intended to protect your WordPress site from hackers. How do you protect a WordPress site? Well, there are a few key actions you can take such as limiting the # of login attempts or hiding your admin page but it’ll be too time consuming for you to do that.

You could save the time with Blog Defender which claims to be the most up to date and comprehensive WP site security system. It covers your hosting and plugins but much more than that it also boasts some “very special secret tools and code” to protect your WordPress site from hackers. In short, Blog Defender is likely the best plugin to protect your WordPress site from hackers. It’s one of the many ways to secure your WordPress site but if you’re serious about protecting your website from vulnerabilities and protecting your income then Blog Defender hopes to be the best solution.

[B][U]Who is Blog Defender for?[/U][/B]
[B]Internet Marketers[/B] – Internet Marketers who have a few important websites on WordPress, even if it’s simply a website redirect will need Blog Defender to protect their website. Especially to secure your “money site” and avoid risking to lose all your rankings or income

[B]Webmasters [/B]– Webmasters will find Blog Defender as a good measure to protect the interests of their users. You don’t want to expose your users to malware from them using your website and Blog Defender can help protect your WordPress site from hackers who wish to put malicious code into your pages and install malware on user’s website. Don’t lose the trust of people using your website and keep your WordPress site free from malware infecting browsers.

[B]Businesses [/B]– Businesses need to maintain a professional image; they build up their domain authority over time and seek to deliver a good impression to customers hence Blog Defender is a necessary tool to safe guard your website and protect your WordPress site from hackers or botnets. Blog Defender is a worthwhile investment, a small investment for the potential costs of having a hacker or malware infect your business website.

[B][U]How does BlogDefender work?[/U][/B]
(1) [B]Install Blog Defender[/B]: Blog Defender works as a WordPress plugin so there’s no messy code to insert to your website or any difficult installation. You use Blog Defender like any WordPress plugin, upload the .zip file to your WordPress site. It’s simple and easy to implement.

(2) [B]Activate Blog Defender[/B]: Next, Blog Defender can be activated once you’ve uploaded it to the WordPress site as a .zip file. You then control when you want to use Blog Defender meaning if you think you want to deactivate it easily you can as well. It leaves you in control of how and when you wish to use Blog Defender to protect your WordPress site from hackers.

(3) [B]Protect your website from Hackers[/B]: Finally, once you’ve activated Blog Defender, you can protect your WordPress site from hackers. It goes to work as your WP site security system. It covers your hosting. It covers your plugins (the biggest vulnerability on your website) and it also covers your site from super powered botnets by automatically hiding your admin login page. Basically Blog Defender helps you automate the simple protection steps (that you can do freely but a little bit of hassle) and also covers the more complex steps to protect your website.

It also helps that Blog Defender WordPress plugin is kept up to date and recently boosted to version 3 for the added protection to your website.

Blog Defender is the product of Matt’s personal toolkit; Matt creates products that he needs so effectively these are not ideas thrown out in the cloud but practical tools that are purposed and TESTED to save time and money for WordPress webmasters. It’s worth noting that Matt manages several hundred niche blogs so he knows what works and what is necessary along with time savers that someone inexperience might be unaware of.

I should also mention that there are free alternatives to Blog Defender although if you wish to get the optimal support and updates then a paid tool like BD will be worthwhile. If you’re looking for the best solution to cover your website beyond the basics, basically if protecting your WordPress site from hackers is important (if it’s generating revenue and something you’re investing in), blog defender would be an ideal choice in such situations.

If you’re simply running your own little blog, then considering a free security plug in would suffice. Blog Defenders is effectively what the pros & internet marketers use.

We hope you enjoyed this Blog Defender 3 blog post, if you have any questions we’d be glad to discuss in the comment here!
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    Do I really need version 3 if I already have the older version? Also, how does Blog Defender compare with the Spynot System for ease of use?
    Posted 15th May 2015 at 09:17 PM by TrueBrit TrueBrit is offline

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