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[MUST READ] Intelliplayer Video Controller

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Posted 6th May 2015 at 03:58 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 7th May 2015 at 03:27 AM by humbledmarket

In today's blog post, we're going to cover Intelliplayer. Intelliplayer was recently released on April 30, 2015 by Bill Gurthie. Many of you may already have known Bill through his other successful products like KeywordTapp. He has a reputation to produce innovative and useful tools for marketers and Inteillplayer seems to top the list. I am estatic about the new video controller and the possibility. We'll explore more about Intelliplayer.

[[URL=""]Intelliplayer [/URL]– Learn three ways to use Intelliplayer for some HUGE profit & leads]

[B][U]What is Intelliplayer?
[/U][/B]Intelliplayer is a new video controller for internet marketers to get more control over their video content. As we all know, video content marketing has now exceeded article content marketing. Video engages the audience better with today’s fast pace world. Although the problem with many video hosting sites is the control or rather the lack there of.

Intelliplayer adds to the list of video controllers like Easy Video Suite all intended to help you make the most of your video content in a marketing context. Although Intelliplayer takes things up a notch.

You can use Intelliplayer to turn your video content into a lead generating machine, or maybe a sales call to action or even an interactive information gatherer. What does this mean?

Basically, with Intelliplayer you can put up a frame within any time in the video or at the end of the video with a call to action to Buy Now through JVZoo link or maybe integrate a response frame before continuing the video. (like a like gate where you lock the video till the user completes an action. This allows you to gather a lead and use the video as an incentive and the content medium.

If you're looking for an Easy Video Suite alternative, Intelliplayer comes close as a better solution. It's a useful video marketing tool for those who wish to better utilize their video content and get more results from what they already have. The unique feature about Intelliplayer is that it is suppose to help you do more with what you already have. (imagine being able to increase your revenue or leads by 30%? Would this open more opportunity for other traffic sources?) This makes Intelliplayer a lot more valuable beyond a video controller or video marketing tool by a traffic help.

[B][U]How does Intelliplayer work?[/U][/B]
(1) [B]Enter your video URL[/B]: Intelliplayer works with any video URL meaning you do not need to have to upload the video. You can even use someone elses video that is hosted on Youtube and use that content for your own interest such as a lead capture or action gate to further content on the video (provided of course you have legal rights to use the video).

(2) [B]Add your call to action[/B]: Next, within the Intelliplayer controller you can select your call to action options. There are a whole lot of options to choose from. First is your display page, this is an excellent place to create a click bait to get more people interested in watching your video. Second, you can select a mid video call to action such as if you want to viewer to complete an action before finishing the video (maybe something like, enter your email here for more information) - this is something specific with Intelliplayer as far as I'm aware. It's quite extensive beyond the email pop-up, you can also integrate twilio for text message or click to call, click to skype, and even buy now button from within your video.
In actuality, it seems pretty easy to do technically by having a screen overlay with a specific click action upon a set time although in terms of functionality, having a feature like this can open a lot of opportunities to get your viewer to ACT and boost your leads and profits. Third, there's the option for what action you want Intelliplayer to provide when your video is completed.

So I've written this lengthy explanation to say, "By pasting the video URL into Intelliplayer platform you now have control over the video skin and video controller. You can add call to actions such as asking the viewer to buy a product on JVzoo or perhaps integrate with Twilio to create an SMS marketing message to be sent. Still more common is to integrate an email lead capture RIGHT WITHIN THE VIDEO. This is powerful especially for email marketers and those looking to generate leads. This feature alone is well worth it. "

(3) [B]Copy and paste code[/B]: It’s good to know that you can copy and paste the Intelliplayer code like you would with a standard embed code. This is the simplicity of the tool that there’s no technicalities.

(4) [B]Sync your Intelliplayer controls to all videos[/B]: Next, with Intelliplayer you can use a WordPress plug-in to change all standard video embeds into Intelliplayer video controls - this is a huge time saver.
This would be useful if you use a lot of video on your WordPress site (like a video portfolio or perhaps a video based site such as P1 Traffic Machine). You can customize your standard Intelliplayer video controller with any call to action message (such as a email lead capture at the end or maybe a CPA offer pop-up in the middle with Intelliplayer.
Now, istead of having to replace all the embed code individually, you can automatically update all the standard embed code with your own custom Intelliplayer video code. This is excellent if you want to swap out the standard Youtube embed for more leads and sales. I haven't tried this feature so someone has to comment on how well it works. I would presume there might be some problems with this if you want to use more than two video skin option.

(5) Copy and paste any video to an Intelliplayer video: Another interesting feature with Intelliplayer is the browser bookmark feature where you can literally browse to any Youtube page and gather the iframe code like you would with a Youtube embed code right there for your picking. So this makes things a step quicker once you have your smart video controller set.

These five steps highlight some usage opportunities for Intelliplayer; it's intended to be an intuitive and easy to use tool to minimize learning curve. It's a matter of HOW you wish to use it and the rest is a matter of pasting the current video link in and then customizing your video control or video call to action (optimizing for the best results which will take some testing).

I think Intelliplayer Video controller opens a whole lot of possibilities and split-testing for in-video call to actions to yield even better results.

[B][U]Who is Intelliplayer For?[/U][/B]
[B]Video Marketers[/B] – Video Marketers will find that Intelliplayer is a revolutionary tool that can help them to accelerate their efforts to get more leads and sales. It’s flexibility with during or after video and various lock options provides a lot of possibilities to generate a lead and a sale with your video.

[B]Make Money Online[/B] – For those looking to Make money online, they may choose to use Intelliplayer to capitalize on other content already available online (Find videos that have a public license which you can use and then provide a lock gate for an action like an email capture with the video). The big thing about content marketing is the content, now you can easily capitalize on other people content with Intelliplayer unique video controller.

[B]Internet Marketers[/B] – Even if you’re not specifically in the video marketing field, if you are hoping to get more leads or sales then Intelliplayer can be an indepensable tool to uniquely market your audience. The thing with content marketing is needing to remain fresh and on the leading edge else consumers quickly get immune to the tactics.

[B]Make Money Online[/B] - With video content marketing being very profitable currently, the biggest issue is content generation. There are a few software that attempt to solve this problem like Explaindio and VideoMakerFX but Intelliplayer helps you solve this in a unique manner - by allowing you to use other videos with a better call to action and embed.

All in all, I have been very impressed with Intelliplayer and the features it includes. We hope to upload some pictures of the backend shortly. Meanwhile, it’ll be great if you could check out our blog post on how to use Intelliplayer effectively.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Intelliplayer blog post. If you have any questions about Intelliplayer or comments please leave them here. We’d be glad to discuss about this new video controller software.
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