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Wordpress SEO Service

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Posted 2nd December 2012 at 02:43 PM by imarkedy
Updated 6th December 2012 at 08:00 PM by imarkedy (spacing)

Thousands each month search for a Wordpress website owners semi-valuable information without detailing deployment techniques[*]Mismanages buyer expectation.[*]there is no proof that this plugin has gotten anyone's homepage either high page rankings or high search positions in competitive markets[/LIST] As was said, we could list many more issues but those listed, despite the claims made by the seller, are the most egregious. Another way these websites fail is forsaking a solid SEO plan and substituting paid search. OK, I accept the fact that I am hard on WP Seo plugins. The reason isn't because I have neither developed or sell them rather I haven't found one (despite testing quite a few) which performs what is most effective for webmasters - place websites and pages in HIGH search results. Being as opinionated as I clearly am, often times it is needful to listen to opposing views. Therein is the problem - accepting opinions as truth.

On one of my company's YouTube channels, I railed against the plugin called WP Seology. I clearly stated the case, measured the results and reported them live via video tutorial. That didn't seem to be enough for hard core supporters.

Staring hard search engine optimization results in the face, true believers in this product refuse to relent despite none offering contradictory, documented results. Let's ask the hard question that many seem to avoid: "despite not achieving high search ranks using these tools, why keep using them?" That answer is simple. Would bemarketers buy-in to such hype for the same reasons they believe in get rich quick schemes - it promises great results with very little work.

There was a time when I studied web design and paid little attention to the mechanics of achieving high search results. However, after four years of having a beautiful website and no profits to show for my efforts, my focus shifted. At that time, I valued beauty over substance. This isn't to say I wasn't creating great content on this beautiful website only; I received very little traffic because I neglected the weightier matters. Before proceeding further, I am not suggesting that a nice looking site and an effective one (measured by high search results), are mutually exclusive. What I am saying is that as with everything else, you can't be a 'Jack of all trades and master of none.'

I quickly found out that there was no need for me to focus on great design because Wordpress templates were starting to become popular. With the level of professionalism and user friendly interface, I was able to focus on Wordpress search engine optimization.
Even the plugin considered the ‘cream of the crop’, Yoast SEO Plugin, there are challenges which will keep webmasters from achieving their indexing goals.

Nevertheless, I am absolutely sure that Yoast understands their plugin is not now, nor will ever be, as effective as optimization manual efforts. Search engine optimization is mostly about sampling and testing different strategies to see what works best. Any plugin is built on a hard set of rules that cannot be changed by end-users. For instance, let's use the Google XML site map plugin as an example. Although the updates to this software don't come often, when they do, part of the update seems to be changes in the way indexing bots conduct search. I said all of that to point this out - always measure results on your Wordpress website.

Not according to HYPE and even personal recommendations from others. How you measure results must be twofold - high homepage, post or other onsite content generating sales leads and profits!
The challenge is to first master understanding your core product and next, how buyers will find it. To forsake these two most fundamental principles will cause massive business failure.

B.D. Dale
SEO Instructor
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    Warrior's - I have written what I have written! Please understand that I've used SEO Plugins and compared them with manual results and have the data to back this article up. Don't trust my results though - answer this question - what website or even page of a website have you placed on Page #1 of Google in COMPETITIVE keyword markets with HIGH CTR's and made profits?
    Posted 2nd December 2012 at 02:45 PM by imarkedy imarkedy is offline
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