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[UNCOVERED] WP Dollar 3 – Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

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Posted 19th March 2015 at 12:29 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 19th March 2015 at 08:04 AM by humbledmarket (More WP Dollar information.)

Hi Warriors,

In today’s blog post we’re going to be taking a look at an upcoming launch by Martin Crumlish and Abhi – WP Dollar 3.0. I’m sure many of you have already heard of Martin before who has had quite a presence as someone genuine, kind, and hard working. He has launched the previous and initial version of WP Dollar on WF as a WSO which was quite well received.
[[U][URL=""]WP Dollar 3.0[/URL][/U] – Get creative ways to use WP Dollar & WP Dollar Bonus!]

Here’s one of those reviews on the initial WP Dollar thread:

So I thought you might like to know that Martin and his team have worked at releasing WP Dollar 3.0 on March 19, 2015. It builds on to the success of WP Dollar and takes an efficient machine to make it even better – updated for today’s environment to help you build amazon affiliate WordPress sites on autopilot with the ultimate goal of making you more money online (easier by automating the work.)

Basically it’s one of those sit down and watch your account thing but it actually does add value by putting a machine to work.

[B][U]What is WP Dollar 3.0?[/U][/B]
It may help to highlight some of the key details about WP Dollar 3.0 and cover in more precise explanation what it actually does. So here we go!

[B]Monetize your website on auto-pilot[/B]:
First of all WP Dollar 3 was designed to help you monetize your WordPress websites. Martin Crumlish wanted to make a key element to web development (monetization) automated and make the mundane (and time consuming) task easier.

And easier it is. Here are three ways that WP Dollar takes the guess work out of monetizing your website.
(1) [U][URL=""]Intext ads[/URL][/U] – Kotanka made it big with these inline ads. They make use of what might otherwise be forgone in terms of click traffic. The readers are tune to the text and find a link that may provide them more information. It’s also curious behavior to check out those double-lined text. WP Dollar 3.0 helps you automatically integrate these in-text ads to your content by keyword added to your affiliate link.
(2) [U]Amazon review posts[/U] – WP Dollar boasts that it helps you save money you would spend hiring people to write Amazon reviews or the time consuming tasks of doing it yourself. The plug-in will curate the information and content from Amazon and online to create these product review posts on your website. You can then schedule these posts with WP Dollar 3 or send them straight online.
(3) [U]Banner Ads[/U] – Finally, WP Dollar does the standard alternating banner ads feature that basically makes it easier and cuts down one extra plugin for us non-techies. You can take advantage of the banner spacing on your website to generate more profit and integrate banner ads using this feature on WP Dollar (that can alternate like those you see on WF here! – up to 8 ads)
It allows you to promote other offers, sell ads, or provide your readers with important information. It’s a simple but useful feature to fully monetizing your website.

Effectively this Amazon affiliate WordPress plug-in does more than monetize your website. It allows you to save time with proven monetization options for your amazon website. It really maximizes your website monetization opportunity. One thing I remembered when creating our own website network was the hassle of doing split-test to find what monetization options work. It would be nice to have a simple plug-in I could host on all these sites and know that they are effective and have been used by thousand others with results. It seems that this is what WP Dollar has set forth to do.

[B]COMPLETE Amazon Affiliate WordPress automation[/B]:
Once again I got a little carried away with my writing so I’m going to be brief from here on with this blog post. You should know as well that WP Dollar 3.0 is set forth to be a complete automation for amazon affiliate WordPress site process.

Martin shares how he created WP Dollar initially because he notice only 2 out of 100 (not real stats) Amazon Associates were actually successful with Amazon. Many people had already given up before they finished their sites. Making these Amazon Affiliate WordPress site could certainly be easier. By making it quicker to finish these sites you're more likely to make a profit from them (and follow through).

This is what Martin Crumlish of WP Dollar set to do and he accomplished it. Now WP Dollar 3.0 is an all-in-on Amazon affiliate plugin that helps you create complete Amazon affiliate WordPress sites “automagically” (you’ll find they like that word a lot).

It seems to work well handling everything from the SEO, to the template, to the content curation, to the ads and monetization itself once you have the APIs set. It’s quite ingenious of an integration and functioning very smoothly. The only thing you need from here is to actually promote your website.

Generate traffic from search engines (which may be a little difficult to be honest) or FB ads, or Bing Ads (as we've showed you how to get $200 in free Bing Ads here) as well as many other creative ways you can generate traffic. You basically have a proven and monetized website that you can then dump hits and convert it to profit. I’ll share some creative ways you can use WP Dollar 3.0 (beyond the typical SEO traffic approach for Amazon WordPress affiliate sites which is profitable but perhaps overcrowded.)

[B]The BEST Amazon WordPress Plugin?[/B]
So much for being brief eh…well ok, this is now brief. Here’s a close up to what is WP Dollar 3.0

WP Dollar 3.0 was designed to help you automate the development of amazon affiliate WordPress sites so you could avoid the hassle that causes many to procrastinate or give up halfway. It was also designed to help you build your Amazon WordPress site empire to generate income online. With how it brings you from A-Z of creating an [URL=""]Amazon Affiliate[/URL] WordPress site, would this possibly be the “Best Amazon WordPress Plugin” available? We dare say it could be.

[B][U]How does WP Dollar 3.0 Work?[/U][/B]
More to come about how WP Dollar works though here are some highlights from WP Dollar 2.

(1) WP Dollar works on your WordPress site with it's complementing WP template or your own template. You first install WP Dollar 3.0 plugin and you can even choose to use to setup the site with their template.

These are some of the how it works

[B][U]Who is WP Dollar 3.0 for?[/U][/B]
[B]Amazon Affiliates [/B]– If you’re an amazon affiliate looking to make the most of your affiliate account then WP Dollar 3.0 could be a useful tool to help you make more money with your Amazon Affiliate account. Amazon is one of the most recognized brand on the web today so it makes selling easy. You simply need a website that can show users what they want and show them they need it. WP Dollar 3.0 can help you to do so by creating a clean and professional site to post product review posts and product lists easily.

[B]Niche site owners[/B] – People who already own a few niche sites and are looking to get more profit out of their websites may find [URL=""]WP[/URL] Dollar 3 to be an even more interesting proposition because it saves the hassle and work of having to link your content. It does the intext ads and review posts for you so you can make money with the traffic on your site. This is a plug-and-play solution that will make it easier and help you make more money online ideally with your websites as is. It can also be a good complement to authority sites as a sub-site segment (like a shopping cart or product portion on the side) or it can be used on parking domains you want to better monetize. Hey you may even be able to sell it on for some value since these sites do carry quite a lot of value for others and you have developer’s license!

[B]Make money online[/B] – Finally, Warriors or new interest marketers interested in making money online would find WP Dollar 3 to be an interesting option. WP Dollar 3.0 isn't a course per-say rather it’s a tool/software to help you build websites with money making potential. It takes the process and does it for you so you can skip the curve (learning and failure and learning) that most people have to go through. You still require the other half which is traffic generation although as highlighted in our blog post there are quite a few simple options for traffic generation from social media like yahoo answers to on demand traffic like PPC ads (if you can get the funnel right on the WP Dollar website it will be quite profitable PPC campaign which shouldn't be too difficult) I don’t have to go through that here though will do so on the blog post link above.

So I've pretty much ran out of room here on this blog post already. We've continued on our IMInfoHub blog with (1) How to use WP Dollar 3.0 and (2) WP Dollar special information. Don’t forget to check that out as well and if you have any questions or comments about WP Dollar or this blog post please share them in the comment area here!

Thanks for reading :D
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    WP Dollar 3 WordPress plugin can be useful for amazon affiliate websites although [URL=""]Intelliplayer WordPress[/URL] plug in can also help. You may choose to sell products through a video review coupled with a call to action to your Amazon product...this means with Intelliplayer you can capitalize better on video reviews (whether yours or others if you have the license) and much like WP Dollar 3, it's easy to implement and use as a WordPress plugin.
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