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11 Success Tips to Catapult Your Life & Business to the Billionaire Level - John Di Lemme

Posted 1st October 2017 at 01:50 PM by John Di Lemme
Updated 1st October 2017 at 01:51 PM by John Di Lemme (Small Update)

11 Billionaire Success Tips that are Guaranteed to Catapult Your Life and Business to the Billionaire Level

Billionaire Success Tip #1: If you are serious about achieving the Billionaire level, then you must make the DECISION to think different, speak different, act different, and associate with different people. It all starts with a decision. Decision + Action = Results! Being different or abnormal (above normal) is the trait of a highly successful Champion that refuses to...
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10 Reasons to Stop Manual Amazon Repricing Immediately

Posted 30th August 2017 at 09:09 AM by repricerexpress

No matter if you’re a small seller hawking a few items a week or a big-time merchant who handles thousands of orders, repricing should never be done manually. It takes too much time, mistakes can are too easy to make and there are better solutions out there — like RepricerExpress!

Here are ten reasons to stop manual repricing today.

1. Waste of Time

If you’re the kind of seller who dabbles in single digits, then you may think manual repricing is for...
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The 10 Cold Call Commandments!

Posted 22nd August 2017 at 03:53 PM by Eric Brief

Top 10 Cold Call Commandments:
  1. You are the salesperson that will solve your prospect’s problems and concerns and take them out of their bondage.
  2. Thou shalt sound like thou art the most interested and enthused person on the planet after uttering your first syllable on the phone.
  3. Thou shall not ask someone “how they are doing” when they answer your phone call.
  4. Thou shall not pitch any gatekeepers before the coveted Decision Maker.
  5. Thou shalt not be tentative and timid for
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6 Reasons Why Your Amazon Sales May Have Dropped

Posted 18th May 2017 at 07:26 AM by repricerexpress

If you’re a third-party seller on Amazon then it’s likely your sales will vary slightly day to day. However, some sellers can be doing just fine when all of a sudden they’ll experience a drop-off in sales! This post will explore some of the reasons why a sales slump may occur and what sellers can do if this situation arises.

#1. Have you lost the Buy Box?

With close to 90% of all sales going through the Buy Box, all third-party sellers who want to be successful on Amazon...
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This Is How Long It Takes To Make Money Online

Posted 11th March 2017 at 08:14 AM by The Author (WordPress And Google Secrets)

Valued Reader,

There are many misconceptions as a result (In Most Cases) of a simple but extremely effective marketing technique. Addressing a Need, and with making Money Online well, who doesnt want to have thousands of dollars in a few days time?

Unfortunately, this technique does get exploited but the promises arent all without merit. The key is to find what works for you, and in order to do that you will test more systems, techniques and programs than you may...
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Deon Christie
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